Random Baseball Contrarian Thoughts

SO 5 EXTRA MINUTES WILL BREAK YOU PAL? Why do baseball fans boo when the opposing pitcher throws over to first base more than a few times to keep the opposing runner close? Are they upset that the game will last 5 minutes longer? So a 3 hour game will last 3 hours and 5 minutes. Really, that added 5 minutes will push a baseball fan over the edge? You’ll spend all afternoon watching a game in today’s baseball world (the slowest game of all pro sports) but having that pitcher act in way which is within the baseball rules and may help to keep his team competitive – those extra throws will get the ire of some opposing fans.

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (MLB) POWER RANKINGS ON APRIL 8, 2013? Could we not wait until the end of April to get a little better sense on how teams have performed? Perhaps after 25 games before we have to rank each team? Rankings of MLB clubs that may occur after only 6 games – less than 4% of the entire season. What’s worse than ranking the teams after 6 games? Having diehard fans upset about their teams’ ranking after 6 games.

MANAGER’S WEAR UNIFORMS…Is this not peculiar for all the managers and their direct reports to wear uniforms during all MLB games?

If all the pitcher’s fail in a given game, will the pitching coach give it a go considering he too is wearing a uniform? Same principle may apply to the manager, will he pinch hit in a pinch when no other hitters are available considering he’s wearing a uniform and has carried Louisville Slugger lumber on his shoulder before?


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WHAT’S WORSE, THE LENGTH OF AN AVERAGE GAME OR THE LENGTH OF AN MLB SEASON? According to my calculations, you have 4860 MLB games each season even before the October magic begins. Do you how many people yawn during each game? How many would that be for an entire season? How many people leave early? How many come late? How many baseball spectators play with their smart phones during the majority of the game? Do I even have to say that 162 games by each of the 30 teams is way too many games, even for 2 seasons maybe?

According to MLB.com the average pro game in 2009 averaged 2 hours and 52 minutes. Add about 40 minutes more for the playoffs. Are there team studies tracking the average percent of the entire game spent at each ball park? If so, I wonder if that percentage has decreased over the last 15 years or so as games are getting longer and people have generally less attention spans than years ago. I also wonder if that percentage would vary city by city?

IS THERE ANY DEMAND FOR THIS INFORMATION SO SOON? The Bleacher Report on 4/9/13 has the latest 30 Team’s Pitching Rotations in Week 2. Are you kidding me? How much love does that receive? What’s the demand for such a report?

ONLY 29 DAYS TILL PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT…I’ll listen to sports radio and some baseball fanatics talk about the warm feeling they get when they realize baseball spring training is right around the corner. In other words, even if it’s 19 degrees outside in Western Wisconsin with blowing snow, think Arizona and you may catch the baseball bug. That mental imagery has never transferred me from the cold and dismal winter months of the Midwest.

The only thing worse than listening to a MLB baseball game while putzing in the garage is listening to a spring training MLB baseball game while in the garage. I might be more interested in watching pain dry or finches forage in my berm for food.

IT’S MY DAD’S FAULT THAT I’M NOT WARM AND FUZZY ABOUT BASEBALL… My dad never warmed up to MLB baseball. His passion involved much more physical contact on the gridiron. He proved that by being a Green and Gold diehard fan for over 7 decades, Packer season ticket holder for about 30 years and had the opportunity to see Vince and company involved in one of the most historic games in not only Packer history, but the history of the NFL — the Ice Bowl of ’67.

Getting back to the game of rosin bags, bats and balls, my father never warmed to the pace of the game — even in the 60’s and 70’s, there wasn’t enough action for him. I think besides a pinch hitter taking up to 5 minutes to warm up, his greatest pet peeve was the relief pitcher being delivered by a gas powered cart from center field. He could not understand why a professional athlete couldn’t run or jog a few hundred feet before pitching in relief. I can’t say I’m as cynical as my father when it comes to America’s pastime, but I may not be far behind. Having daughters uninterested in any level of baseball has allowed me to avoid passing on that cynicism to my offspring.


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