Random Contrarian Thoughts – Part VIII

PERSPECTIVE BEFORE AUTOMATICALLY COMPLAINING…I think it’s hypocritical when constituents complain about the President of the United States golfing or taking a vacation. Do most people spend any time analyzing how many hours the President works per year? He might take 6 weeks off each year, but for 46 weeks, he’s working (and sometimes campaigning) 60 hours per week. That equals 2760 hours per calendar year. Of course, his commute is fairly short which enables him to be more efficient with his time compared to most employees – perks of such a stressful job! Even 10 weeks of vacation some Presidents have taken years ago would still represent working 2520 hours per year – much more than the average employee in the U.S..

HAVE YOU RECENTLY BEEN DISSED? Why is it always considered a “diss” if someone is ignored or not considered for something? I hear on Larry Kudlow on CNBC that many of the former baseball greats were “dissed” by not being elected to the Hall of Fame. Look, by “dissed” if you’re suggesting they were disrespected, that’s not right. They were not necessarily disrespected – perhaps they just didn’t qualify or there was just too much controversy surrounding their nomination.

I know sometimes people are ignored or neglected but I just think too many journalists including many people use the term “dissed” when someone doesn’t win an award or are excluded from special status. It’s too easy to use even though it’s not necessarily an accurate description of the situation.

A BREAKDOWN OF A PRICE TRIP…When you hear someone won a $6,000 all expense trip to a resort, would you not like to see that itemized? How much for plane tickets, hotel rooms, what’s budgeted for meals and entertainment? Apparently, someone won that award to a resort for one week in spacious one room villa at a Florida resort for 4 with the total fee being $6,000. I’d just like to see how much they budget for each of the main categories? If someone wins the award to a Florida resort from California as opposed to a resident in Georgia or Florida, would the price change?

ARE CURRENT PRESIDENTS ALLOWED TO VISIT MARTHA’S VINEYARD OR GOLF? I’m intrigued when some constituents complain about the President of the United Sates golfing or relaxing on his vacation. In other words, if the country is not doing too well why isn’t the President working? Perhaps with 8 or 9 percent unemployment requires 18 hour days by the President to fix things. Are constituents aware that many in Congress fly into to DC on Tuesday and leave on Thursday after about 2.5 days of legislating? Are constituents aware of this? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – with this logic, hold Congress just as accountable as the President. With this privilege and benefits and a very low approval rate, all in Congress should quit thinking about raising money and begin working a full-week with the condition of the economy and debt situation. In addition to spending the full week in Congress, perhaps both parties could be less divisive and spend more time together socially so there’s more of a venue to compromise and get things done.

I just heard yesterday that Congress just went home again for 2 weeks – apparently there’s not a great sense of urgency by our politicians to begin focusing on some of the needs of our country.

IT’S ONLY A BAD DAY IF YOU KEEP SAYING IT IS…It’s not what happens to you during a particular day but it’s your response, which can make a big difference.

It’s Monday and you break a mug at work and you say to your colleague, “that’s not a good way to start the day.”

Later that morning, your boss asks you if you could prepare a report for her 1 pm meeting – a report that will take hours to complete. You say to yourself, “can this day get any worse” as you smile at your boss and accept this last minute request.

After work, driving home in the rain and wind, you stop by the hardware store to return unneeded 2 gallons of paint but receipts are mandatory for returns and this receipt is currently sitting on the dining room table. Your response, “I’m having a bad day.” Would you just know it, the gas gauge says “empty” so one more task to do in the rain and you hope your dress shoes don’t find any more puddles.

Moral of the story, it may not be a good idea to ever say you’re having a bad day. It’s not a good hedge – which negative energy might affect your decision-making or demeanor if you keep saying, “I’m having a bad day.” Just deal with your challenges or obstacles with a positive attitude. Besides, it takes fewer facial muscles to smile than frown. Chances are, even if the day doesn’t start out well, it typically ends well. In addition, even if it doesn’t, you’ve put your own positive spin on things and will be much better equipped to handle regardless of the circumstances.