AT&T Tech Challenges

I had the tech from AT&T over on Wednesday to fix our TVs per my wife’s request. Rick came a little earlier than the scheduled time of 5 pm but once the issue was outlined, he sprang into action.

We have two TVs in the basement, and one each on the first and second floor, the upstairs TV being in the master bedroom. Rick certainly got a workout as he became familiar with our setup throughout the house and began to troubleshoot. I think it’s also important to add the 20 or so minutes he spent outside in the freezing rain assessing our external wiring.


I believe deductive reasoning is important so from that perspective, I outlined to Rick where I though the problem lied and he carefully listened to my analysis and conclusion. I stressed two things: one, this was not a signal issue as the one TV was functioning fine and two, this wasn’t a hardware issue with the three TV receivers as all three of them were exhibiting the same symptom – a freezing of the pixels on the screen. Rick appeared to agree as he worked hard trying to eliminate the bad picture pixels on several TVs.

He spent a long time troubleshooting the issue as he began to replace cables and wires and eventually even replaced my modem (which appeared functioning fine). As time passed, Rick appeared to show a little frustration so he eventually he called a co-worker to assist. I sense two technicians are better than one and shortly thereafter, determined that the coaxial wiring to the master bedroom was bad and proceeded to send static and interference to the other 2 boxes – instead of rewiring to the upstairs, he decided to add a wireless transmitter and receiver for that TV.

They left after 3 hours of troubleshooting – it was a minor inconvenience but things were working so my wife was happy so I was happy. I asked Rick for his boss’s email in spite of the length of time to troubleshoot, he did work hard and eventually found the issue so I felt his boss should know about this.

I spoke too soon. About one hour after both techs had left, I noticed my iPhone did not connect to the wireless network from the second floor so I tried my wife’s iPhone – same issue – same issue with laptops too.

The following morning, I called tech support and after about one hour on the phone, I arranged for someone to stop by around 2 pm the following day. After explaining that I thought the modem that Rick had replaced the day before was bad, the new technician installed a new model. After additional tests, we determined that was the fix for all TVs and devices. They continue to function correctly.

Now I can write my email to Rick’s boss so I went to the basement to compose the email. A bad signal (no pun intended). Rick had left the basement a little disheveled, there were 4 ceiling tiles that were not put back and a number of wires dangling from the ceiling. Certainly not customer centric! Now what do I do about that complimentary email I promised to write to Rick’s boss?

If I go ahead with the email, how is it phrased? Do I say I appreciate Rick’s hard work and troubleshooting for 3 hours even though the Internet didn’t work correctly on the second floor after he was finished? Should I say I appreciate his strong listening skills and determination but thought he could have cleaned up after himself in the basement? On the other hand, do I continue with the electronic communication and explain to Rick’s boss about his good attitude although he may need to focus more on deductive reasoning skills?

I still might send an email to his boss – but it may not be the type of email Rick might imagine.



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