Do They Sell Lederhosen at a Furniture Store?

Steinhafel’s furniture store is well lit tonight – as my wife and I walked in their store on Saturday evening, we’re met by a vertically challenged man who’s dressed to be part of a oompah brass band flown in from the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany. What’s Herr Lederhosen doing here?

Let me back up for one second. Not sure what I’m doing out on a Saturday night furniture shopping with my wife when it’s cold and there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Something must have been aligned somewhere to get me out sofa shopping with my significant other.

Our Accordion Friend

Anyway, Steinhafels located in Vernon Hills, IL, is having a 38 percent off sale which occurs semi-annually. Perhaps Herr Steinhafel hired Herr Lederhosen to provide old world musical entertainment during this special sale. If that were the case, then why were all current staff looking around wondering where the accordion player came from and why he was here? I liked his accordion melody as he waddled throughout the store but felt it would be nice to mix it up a bit – to sing some songs from his homeland. He obliged with some garbled words sung in German (or at least I thought it was German).

It was a nice respite from the typical suburban store to hear accordion music played in the background as we determined which size sofa would fit in our living room and whether to purchase two matching chairs or an individual chair and a love seat. You could hear customers and staff applaud after each song was finished. Herr Lederhosen didn’t smile much with his mouth but often the joy could be seen in the twinkle of his eye as people appreciated the unique sound emanating from his instrument.

Because of the big sale, there were Steinhafel sales associates milling around the store. Some of these sales associates stating this particular accordion music made them desire a Weiss beer. Come to think of it, only the men made the beer comment.

As fate may have it, my wife and the interior designer connected right away — only a few minutes after browsing around the store. The designer looked a little fatigued (as she had been there all day) but wanted to be a service to my wife before calling it a day. Because my wife has a driver personality style and didn’t want to spend too much time shopping for furniture, the designer quickly made that determination and was efficient in her service and tried to match my wife’s energy level. Early on, I saw them connect and I immediately stepped aside. After some browsing and matching patterns and colors, my wife and I eventually purchased a sofa, chair and love seat. Not sure if the music put us in a mood to shop, but their great customer service, selection, ability to customized many aspects of the furniture and 38 percent off helped us pull the trigger.

As we left, my wife remarked at how well the interior designer connected to her personality style and this was pleasing to my wife – not something we had regularly experienced during our furniture shopping over the last 4 months.

An interesting shopping experience indeed. There is something to be said about shopping on a weekend night – service can be better, connecting with the interior designer, and a funny, short man playing the accordion.

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