Random Contrarian Comments — Part V

CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY (ONLY IF ADDITIONAL MATERIAL PROVIDES VALUE)…Sometimes, you view an online story that is a partial story or is abbreviated. Therefore, you’re typically prompted to click here for the full story. If by clicking here, you receive another line or two or even one more paragraph, how useful is that? When I click “here” for the full story, I want additional verbiage, which should include a few hundred words or more or at the very least, one or two more paragraphs. Giving me one or two more lines is disingenuous. Editors should not use the “click here for the full story” message if 90% of the article has already been viewed.

GIVE US A WARNING, WE’VE NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE…I took a day cruise in Cozumel last year and our catamaran operator said we’re going to dock at a beautiful beach for lunch and relaxation for the next 2.5 hours. After lunch, my wife and I couldn’t wait to swim in the Caribbean and once we we’re in about 5 feet of water, the captain of our boat began to whistle. I thought to myself, “is someone drowning?” What I didn’t realize was he was motioning at us — everyone needs a life preserver to swim in the Caribbean. One, why were we not forewarned? Two, why weren’t those lifeguards or those associated with the distribution of life preservers reminding all those who were about to swim that they needed a life preserver? If you have an usual rule or request, it’s imperative for that guideline to be effectively communicated so you don’t continually engage in reactively reminding others of that rule.  



COULD MICROSOFT EVER REFORM THE WAY THEY HANDLE THE RENAMING OF A FOLDER? Sometimes, I add various files to an existing folder and then realize because the content has changed, naming of the folder should probably change. So I proceed to rename the folder. Sometimes, the folder name is quite long and Microsoft will not let me rename that folder, regardless of the length of the folder name, until I have all files closed associated with that folder. One needs to realize I’m focused on my work and not on which files are open or closed.

Could not Microsoft tell me or remind me of this fact, especially if the new name is long? Another option might be to save that name temporarily and allow me to use it once I have all files closed. Not a big deal but certainly this added feature could have saved me much time over the years.

COULD COSTCO RETAIL BE MORE DEMOCRATIC WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR FROZEN MEAT SECTION? There are no Boca Burgers at the Mettawa Costco even though other Costco stores indeed carry this product. Ok, I’ll try to go with the flow so what non-meat items are available that would substitute for Boca Burgers. I see salmon burgers, turkey burgers, buffalo burgers, and at least six other types of beef burgers residing where my Boca Burgers were housed. Look, all shoppers are entitled to eat whatever type of burger they choose but what about a few alternatives for vegetarians at Costco. My only comment is “Where’s the non-beef?”

ARE MEN CONTROL FREAKS? There is a gas station near my house that offers full service at the gas pump during winter months. I chatted with the worker the other day who said women and the elderly use their service for the most part — especially in cold weather. He also said that most men don’t use the service, for whatever reason, they like to pump their own gas. Is it a control thing with men that they need to pump their own gas or are they just not used to this type of service? Perhaps they don’t mind helping out and would rather have the employee service the elderly or women, especially when it gets busy.

Years ago, before self-service was the norm, all gas stations were full-service and some attendants upon request checked your oil and cleaned your windows. Those were the days that you hoped the pump was very slow in order for the attendant to give you the “full service” treatment. Anyway, men, years ago did not have any issues of letting the gas station attendant do the work. How many men are old enough to remember those days? Is it simply something that’s not yet a habit? Why so difficult for men to let go?




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