Does Victoria Secrets Have a Special Secret When it Comes to Effective Customer Service?

You hear of Victoria Secret models and what’s the first image that comes to mind? You hear your daughters or your daughters’ friends stopping by Victoria Secrets and getting some bras and panties and what do you think? A Victoria Secrets’ catalog may arrive in the mail and what’s your first thought – especially if you’re male? Does it have anything to do with customer service? 

Full disclosure, my wife does not necessarily like what Victoria Secrets represent ‒ beautiful, tall models with perfect figures – what would most young women think when they try to compare their body to such an unrealistic standard? I agree with my wife about how women are portrayed at Victoria Secrets even though many young women, including my teenage daughters like to shop there for intimate apparel. Some of the youth don’t always focus on the unrealistic images VS portraits about women. For many young people, it’s nothing more than a hip and trendy place to get good intimate apparel.

Victoria Secrets Lingerie

Over the last few years, my wife has begrudgingly visited the store with our daughters with the uber-skinny models and the pretentious lifestyle Victoria Secrets or what “Vicky Hush Hush” promotes. Funny thing my wife has noticed over the last few years, their customer service is really good ‒ they seem to take care of their customers. Enough for my spouse to go back from time to time when the need arises.

Two examples. My wife’s brasserie size had changed and she couldn’t explain why. It was only after the sales associate started to ask some questions about my wife’s increased fitness level before they realized why she needed a new size. Second, often, sales associates will greet you and show you around if necessary. If you need help or have questions, assistants are there to assist and often, they will keep you at ease and relaxed as most women contemplate adding bras or lingerie to their wardrobe. It’s not high pressure selling ‒ they are there for you and want you to find intimate apparel that’s right for you. In addition, if you want to find good value, having some patience perusing through sales bins can provide some good finds for who don’t always want to pay full price.

Having been convinced that VS often focuses on customer service, do I think Victoria Secrets is a ‘Wow?’ Would I unequivocally recommend it as a place to shop for intimate apparel? No, not necessarily. Again, I don’t like the idea of Victoria Secrets portraying women as beautiful, skinny and sex objects. I don’t think it’s healthy for teenage women or young women to feel they have to live up to the unrealistic standard that’s portrayed in their store and through the media. Of course the models look beautiful but at what cost?

Putting that aside, if my opinion of this company primarily focuses on the quality of merchandise and customer service, I might by ‘Wowed’ there. I heard from other shoppers too that they receive good service while shopping at “Vicky Hush Hush.” Is it a dichotomy? As a shopper or a spouse of a shopper at VS, how do we as consumers handle the conflicting values it portraits? Should strong  customer service at Victoria Secrets ever trump how women are portrayed as sex objects?