Is it Any Surprise Why I Continue to Use the Matter of Style?

Is the Matter of Style a strong brand in and around Grayslake?

My maiden voyage to the Matter of Style occurred nearly 20 years ago. We had moved to Grayslake in the mid 1990’s and in my Welcome Kit from the Grayslake Chamber of Commerce was a free haircut coupon at the Matter of Style – located in downtown Grayslake. Not being familiar with any hair stylists in the area, I called and scheduled an appointment for a men’s haircut. Matter of Style did not disappoint that time or any subsequent visits as I began to use their hair cutting service regularly. Often, I would wait until the last minute to get an appointment and MOS would typically oblige that day or the following day. Over time, I was seen by Peggy, Mary, Rita, Michelle, Dulma and others. Each one did a fine job although there were a few who could perfect exactly how I wanted my hair cut and styled.

Matter of Style in Grayslake

After using them for over 8 years, I moved to Libertyville in 2003 so I didn’t regularly visit for a few years as my primarily travels took me in the opposite direction. Not finding any regular hair stylists in Libertyville, I’d reach out to MOS and occasionally make a haircut appointment. The original cost was $14 years ago (in the mid-nineties) and today it is still reasonable at $17 for a men’s haircut.

You hear a businesses’ name or brand and you wonder if their service or product can live up to that name. In particular, does the Matter of Style do a good job? Are they good at what they do and does style and fashion resonate with them? With the MOS, all beauticians displayed style and competency when cutting my hair. They were customer focused and conscientious about how you wanted your haircut and styled. That’s what they were all about – meeting or exceeding your expectation.

I like the idea of making appointments with a quick call and it’s a no hassle situation. If you have an appointment with Rita at 6 pm, Rita will take you at 6 pm if not sooner. Over the years, it may have only been once that I had to wait more than 5 minutes. Needless to say, this punctuality has not necessarily been evident at other hair stylists over the years.

There are many service related businesses where the turnover is high so it’s impossible to develop a personal relationship. That’s not the case here – many hair stylists have stayed with Matter of Style over the years. That says something about their business model where they’re interested in hiring stylists would are competent and share their commitment to excellence.

Over the last 1o years, I’ve tried other barbershops and beauty salons in the area but I keep going back to a Matter of Style. Even though they are about 15 minutes in the opposite direction, they provide some stylists who still remember how I like my haircut without much explanation. Maybe it’s the comfort level I feel knowing my expectations will be met. Maybe it’s the value I receive knowing my hair will be cut within 20 minutes and done inexpensively. Regardless, the MOS still resonates with me. I will continue to be a client and travel this extra distance until someone local can become comparable to the Matter of Style.


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