Random Contrarian Thoughts — Part III

COULD AN ONGOING SERVICE ARRANGEMENT APPLY TO GENERAL CONTRACTORS? I met a financial advisor who does a really good job servicing her customers. She says it’s simple but not easy. She does all the little things when servicing her clients and these clients know she has their best interest in mind by her continued support and thoroughness. She does what she says she’s going to do. She calls them regularly to see areas where she can help serve them. Many of her clients are not used to that level of service so she sometimes has the label of being remarkable — doing the little things to help grow her business.

It got me thinking, why not apply this principle to general contractors? Why not hire a general contractor who will stay with you? Someone who will follow up twice a year, someone who can help you with projects around the house. Hey, do you need wood floors this year or are you ready to hire someone to paint the entire trim in your house? Someone that knows you and has your short and long term remodeling and redecorating goals on file…You keep someone good around when you are interested in doing projects around the house. If they’re good, you’ll be more likely to refer them neighbors or friends. Would that ever work?

SMILE ON THE PHONE…Can you tell when someone is smiling while speaking with you on the telephone? Do you care?

TAILGATING ANYONE? After spending 3 days in Columbus, Ohio, driving around without any issues, the following Monday in Chicago, on my way to work and before 6 am, I’m being aggressively tailgated by a BMW. Unbelievable, no issues for 3 days and then an aggressive driver within 15 minutes of driving to work. Unbelievable. And some Chicagoans sing a song about “My kind of town…”

NEED AN ENERGY BOOST? Is the 5 Hour Energy drink a good alternative to mid-afternoon sluggishness and lethargy? Is it cost effective? Is it even safe? Why would one deviate from water, soda or coffee?

INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? Is it ethical for various media outlets to publish names of those recently arrested? Should they not wait until the criminal justice has adjudicated their case before the situation is published online or in a newspaper? Are media companies motivated to keep the public informed or help sell newspapers or ad space? How come media outlets are really quick to publish their names but where do they publish the results of a trail, plea bargain or what happens to them in the criminal justice system?

BE CAREFUL WHEN SIGNING UP FOR EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS…Why does it appear that it’s a good idea to sign up to receive email notifications from certain websites or online providers at the time but often later you have regrets about why you originally signed up?

ONE WAY TO MITIGATE ROAD RAGE…I wish I could transform into a police officer every time some aggressively comes up behind me and “tailgates.” I’m thinking enforcing this law would help reduce accidents on our highways and reduce incidents of road rage.

PHOTOGRAPHING UNLICENSED TICKET BROKERS? I was victimized outside of Ohio State stadium as I purchased an invalid ticket for the Buckeyes-Wolverines game, the last game of the 2012 season. I certainly had not experienced that before. Moving forward, if I ever do that again, I think I”ll take the ticket brokers picture and let him know that I will show his picture to the ticket office if the ticket is bogus. Should other ticket buyers do the same thing? If this occurs a lot, why don’t undercover officers do that to deter this from happening?

SHOULD GERRYMANDERING BE DONE BY AN INDEPENDENT PANEL?According to Wikipedia, gerrymandering is defined as a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating geographic boundaries to create partisan or incumbent-protected districts. Gerrymandering is done every 10 years and how districts are made up demographically is controlled by the party in power. Would a better solution be to put this responsibility in the hands of an independent commission rather than drastically change how we elect our representatives.

HOW TO KEEP PUBLIC DOORWAYS FREE? If you’re the type of person who may be a little anal retentive about ensuring that public doorways are kept free of those milling about, what’s the best way to handle? Say in a robotic voice, “Open, Open” as you walk through to those around the doorway or say something to the effect that egress is very important to you. How could this be done tactfully? Perhaps, to maintain peace, keep those snarky comments to yourself and just say “excuse me.”