Random Contrarian Thoughts — Part II


DO YOU HAVE TO REPEAT YOUR BRAND FOR IT TO BE EFFECTIVE? Fair and Balanced — Fair and Balanced mentioned by Fox News. If your brand requires you to continue to say your news media company is fair and balanced, are you really? If you want your brand to be fair and balanced, shouldn’t that resonate with viewers on how you report and discuss the news?

DOES MASCULINITY HELP SELL TRUCKS? Regarding typical commercials you may view during a football game, is it necessary to sell Dodge trucks or beer with a deep, masculine voice? A voice that doesn’t like quiche and fine dining but loves blue jeans, heavy-duty tools and man stuff. Is that deep sounding voice necessary to help pitch masculine products?

WHEN DID HOME DELIVERY CHANGE THEIR APPROACH? When did FedEx and UPS begin the process of delivering the package to your front door, ringing the door bell and then running back to their delivery truck? What if your door bell is not working? Will they at least knock if they don’t hear the door bell ring?

ARE THEY BETTER AT CONSTRUCTION IN CHINA? How can they build a building in China in months but it takes road construction crews up to 12 months or more to redesign an intersection in Lake County, Illinois? Would the inconvenience of such a lengthy road construction project of local residents, other motorists and businesses ever trump the need of utility companies, construction companies and the general contractor? Why does it seem the financials of such a project are the key ingredient to the length of such a project and are not evenly weighed with the inconvenience of so many motorists and local businesses? Is that what they call American Exceptionalism?

FEWER PENALTIES IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL? Why does it appear that college players are more adept at blocking their opponents during a kickoff than NFL players? In other words, there are more penalties called in the NFL than college during kickoff returns? Is this due to different rules or more strict enforcement of the rules? If I were a coach in the NFL, I’d be inclined not to run the kick back with such a high risk of a “block in the back” penalty.

HOW IMPORTANT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE? Does it make a difference in your mind if a store that you’re opposed to philosophically or ethically is well organized and provides excellent service to its customers? May that be enough to sway you?

DID INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING DISAPPEAR? Why don’t we have any investigative reporting done on how road construction projects are handled? The length, the priority, how long motorists (many of whom are clients) are inconvenienced during the project? Why work can’t be done 18 by 6 (hours/days) to mitigate the amount of impact it has on motorists? Why is this not public knowledge? Why don’t we know more about what goes on during the bidding process – what are the costs and priorities? What are the consequences if deadlines are not met? Why are clients treated so poorly?

QUALITY RELATED…Is quality is always fashionable?

IS IT TIME TO PICK UP THE PHONE? In the business or work environment, how many times will emails go back and forth between certain parties before someone picks up the phone to clarify?

PROVIDE BETTER INTERNET GUIDANCE...Could we not set a standard on the Internet regarding web page links? If the hyperlink includes text and video, provide little icons for the user to know what to expect once you click on the hyperlink.

IS ANYONE GETTING YOUNGER? When you hear the expression “you’re not getting any younger, your thoughts are what?” Is anyone getting younger? Does it matter who’s saying that? Are young people the only group who may receive a mulligan after saying it, even though they too are not getting any younger? We can’t just say, “We’re getting older” or “time is ticking” and eliminate the negative connotation in the sentence?

TAILGATING ANYONE? To help deter aggressive driving, for example tailgating, why not approach the subject differently than it’s approached today. For the most part, cops will not ticket someone for tailgating unless it results in an issue or accident. Law enforcement do too much reacting anyway, why not utilize unmarked cars to catch aggressive driving so when someone follows an unmarked car too closely for a period of time, why not write them a citation? We need to be more proactive in our approach to mitigate potential road rage and could this approach help deter some of these aggressive drivers by handing out fines when this occurs?


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