Random Contrarian Thoughts — Part I


GAS STATION VIDEO…For those gas stations that broadcast news and commercials while you are filling your gas tank, where’s the mute button if you don’t want to hear that message?

STARTLE OTHERS BY USING THE POWER LOCK OPTION? Is it rude to power lock or unlock your car in a shopping center parking lot with the loud sound when unsuspecting shoppers are walking next to your car? Is that something those who use this method to power lock their car even consider?

FEEL LOST WITHOUT SPELLCHECKER SOFTWARE…Spellchecker software has been around for at least 15 years, most people are quite used to this feature who work with MS Office software but spellchecker should work everywhere you type — blog posts, online order forms, online electronic forms…you get so used to software assisting your writing that it’s a burden when some systems don’t cooperate.

VOICEMAIL PROTOCOL…When people leave a voice mail message, especially if the call back number is different from the number dialed, they need to speak clearly when leaving their number, including the area code preceding the number. It becomes inconvenient if you have to go back, listen to the message multiple times, and possibly guess on the right number.

CONFERENCE CALL TIP…When you’re on a conference call and you have to ask certain attendees to repeat themselves a few times — should the receiver think about rephrasing their message. Enunciate, speak slowly, and eliminate the speakerphone?

LINKEDIN SPAMMING? I signed up for LinkedIn about 7 years ago and within the last 6 months or so, I’m getting weekly or bi-weekly email status updates from LinkedIn whether I like it or not. Therefore, it’s up to me to fix or stop — I suspect I gave up that right to opt-out from emails when I created an account (I think).

IS IT LEGIT? When a survey company calls me on my home landline and wants to do a survey, how do I know they are legitimate? I may want to provide my opinion but not to a nefarious source. How much demographic information is too much?

KNOW THYSELF… Why is it that certain people deny your honest statement as if you’re not honest with yourself or don’t know what makes you tick? You can chat with a neighbor you’ve known for 10 years and mention you’re introverted and not a people person and they will not agree and may say, “You’re really good with people, I don’t see that.” perhaps denying your own self-identity and evaluation.

LIMIT INTERRUPTIONS…Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to watch a movie on TV sometimes without any interruptions — except for intermission in the middle?

CHANGE SUPERBOWL FORMAT? Would you ever consider changing the Super Bowl format to match the UEFA championship? Where each team plays one game at home and the other way…more people would see the game, you could possibly have more revenue; the team with the most points after the two games wins the Super Bowl. Perhaps call it Super Bowls.

ARE AMERICANS DIFFERENT? Regarding American Exceptionalism — some people are so wrapped up with the idea of American Exceptionalism — as if it brings pride to some Americans when this term is mentioned. Even if we love our country and believe it’s the best, why not let other nations define that?