Empathica Service at the Bridgestone Dealer in Orlando


This past summer, I purchased one tire at the Bridgestone dealer in Altamonte Springs, FL (Orlando area) on Route 436 – addressing a slow leak in the front passenger’s side tire. In retrospect, I should have purchased 4 tires but at the time — didn’t realize my tires were 8 years old — the treads were fine but the inside rim was really showing its wear. A dangerous driving situation, especially when traveling many miles from home. At the time in the Bridgestone dealer, I was already late for my niece’s graduation party and in my haste, I thought replacing just one tire would save me time and I’d deal with the rest later.

After the party, I closely examined the other 3 tires and knew they should be replaced before heading back home. Because my family had to do some shopping at Costco in Altamonte Springs, I decided to purchase comparable Bridgestone tires at Costco — wanted to stay with this brand and getting them at Costco would be quite convenient. Being offered free tire rotation for the life of the tire also solidified the deal.

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After replacing the tires at Costco, I sheepishly called Bridgestone to see if I could return the one tire that had about 50 Florida Turnpike miles on it. The manager was unavailable so I returned the call hours later. Eventually, Tony, a representative from Bridgestone, said I could either use the cost of that tire for some other service or get a full refund. That was indeed service oriented and I was quite impressed knowing that I had driven about 50 miles on the one tire and the dealer would still refund the money. After the call, I was trying to determine a fair deal with the dealer. Perhaps get a 50% or 75% refund instead of requesting the full amount? I was leaving for Illinois the next morning so my plan was to return the tire later that day to get a refund, as I would not have a chance to exchange the tire for any future service work.  Unfortunately, a significant tropical storm hit late that afternoon with many inches of rain hit the area. I didn’t make it back to the store by closing.

The total cost, including labor came to around $165.00 but unfortunately, I left the following morning at dawn and so I couldn’t make the trip — my mother-in-law’s husband returned the tire and received a full refund of $165.00. They certainly kept their word about returning the tire and in my mind, were customer centric during this entire process. I was glad to see the Bridgestone dealership in Altamonte Springs engage in the same type of Empathica Service that I receive from the Bridgestone dealership in my home town of Libertyville, Illinois. Since being home from the Sunshine State, I have had the opportunity to recommend tires to a friend and didn’t hesitate by saying “Bridgestone.”



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