, be Transparent with Your Business Review Section, could you be more transparent with your business review section?

I was thinking about shopping local on November 24 in Libertyville, so I decided to review some of the businesses listed on Libertyville Patch. Two businesses in particular caught my attention – both were rated 5 star: Christine Anne Couture and Hanakawa Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi. I know we’re dealing with small, local businesses but In my mind, when a product or service is rated so highly, it certainly piques my interest to know more. 

Libertyville Patch

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I clicked on both links from Libertyville Patch only to discover that both businesses were only rated once. I’m initially ‘wowed’ when a boutique or restaurant or other business is a 5 star rating so I ‘Peel the Onion’ to see a clearer picture.

I’m not refuting the fact that these businesses are customer focused and may provide a good service, but in my mind, is not being transparent and this limited model doesn’t tell the entire story. When you include a business or product evaluation, it’s important to tell as much of the story as you can with that rating page. In other words, when something is rated, include how many ratings occurred (Please see for a good example). If you can’t be transparent and don’t tell more of the story, will this rating model lose some credibility?

In my opinion, with this current rating system by, they are hurting their brand and reputation by not telling the entire story. Thereby, not being completely customer centric.