Why the NFL on TV is Not Much Fun Anymore (Part II)

10, 12 or 14 Reasons why NFL TV Broadcasts are not much fun anymore (Part II)


Besides maybe NBC, many of the other play-by-play announcers are quite mediocre and don’t always accurately describe what’s occurring on the field. The level of announcers and what network is broadcasting a game can definitely sway if I tune in. If it’s Fox without their “A Announcers,” I’m less likely to tune in for more than a few minutes.

To digress a minute, a game broadcasted from an indoor stadium may turn me off too. I’d prefer football played in the elements on natural grass.


Fewer plays occur today as compared to 20 or 30 years ago. The game lasts just as long but less on the field action and it’s replaced with ads, ads, and more ads. Just once I want to hear an announcer say there’s too much commercialism associated with the NFL game.

BTW, there’s approximately 13 minutes of action in an NFL game. By my tracking, the average NFL game takes 210 minutes to decide the victor. Just thinking, what occurs in the remaining 197 minutes?

NFL Shield

NFL Shield


The pre-game and post-game shows and for that matter, include the halftime shows are not much value. Yes, there are sometimes some good interviews or insight but not enough to justify commercials every 5 or 6 minutes.

In addition, none of the networks seems to differentiate themselves from each other when it comes to pre-game shows. Regardless of Fox, CBS, NBC or the NFL Network, they all include a host and a handful or analysts, some of whom are former players. It’s not bad, in my opinion, but is it a good use of time? I guess if there’s a respectable amount of viewers, why would they not continue doing the same old thing?

An alternative, why not record these shows, skip the commercials and use the extra time to read several online articles prior to the game to be caught up on the news or current analysis of your fantasy team or your team of rooting interest.


Too much hyperbole for an NFL game. Games are so hyped to increase the expectation level. Often, it’s a letdown as the game doesn’t live up to the hype.


Often, broadcasters don’t explain the rules. For example, during the Chiefs Chargers game a few weeks ago, a Chief’s defensive player was inured with 21 seconds left in the half. According to the announcer, the Chiefs were forced to call a timeout. Why? What’s the rule and why wasn’t that explained to viewers?

Another example of announcers failing to mention the rules involved an offensive center who was illegally down field. What exactly does that mean? How far down the field does the player have to be in order to be penalized? When there’s an infraction of an obscure or less common rule, why not outline to the fans what happened?

In a similar vein, sometimes, announcers don’t explain aspects of the game? Terms such as cover 6 or Tampa 2, or 3 snap recognition. Would it add something to the broadcast if analysts explained some of these strategies or philosophies? Could they somehow fit that into the broadcast?


What’s more annoying Geico or RGIII commercials? Geico commercials are sometimes cute but no, I can’t save 15% on my car or home or motorcycle or boat insurance. They just can’t do it…I’ve tried a number of times. RGIII is an amazing talent but does he have to cash in so quickly? He had played in 1 or 2 games NFL games and we’re seeing different sponsors include RGIII in selling their products.

One more thing about football players hawking products during NFL games. Now that Peyton Manning is healthy too is being included in more than several TV commercials during NFL broadcasts. At least with Peyton, he’s a proven winner in the NFL where he spent some time proving his value before he got heavily involved in marketing.

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  1. I was watching the ESPN Monday Night game between the Bears and 49ers and the national anthem before play was not broadcast. Is this excluded just on Monday night or do most telecasts skip the national anthem today?