Why the NFL on TV is Not Much Fun Anymore (Part I)

10, 12 or 14 Reasons why NFL TV Broadcasts are not much fun anymore


Announcers don’t always know the rules or they forget sometimes. For example, as educated NFL fans know, the clock will stop only after going out of bounds during the last 2 minutes of the first half and last 5 minutes of the second half. Sometimes, announcers with 3 minutes to go in the second quarter will say it was a good idea to go out of bounds to preserve time. Ignorance among NFL announcers is unacceptable.


TV networks will often go to commercials right after most kickoffs – regardless of the kick being returned. With the new kick off rule, there is typically no action besides one team sprinting down the field only to be met by the official who’s waving “touchback” to the opposing team. Therefore, if you like football players in full pads sprinting down a football field, perhaps this play might be entertaining to you. Regardless, if you’re just interested in watching the football game, and the thrill and excitement which might come with it, it might be safe to miss most kickoffs and what follows them for several minutes.


Just because we have NFL games broadcasted in HD doesn’t mean the photography or camera work has improved over the years. Sometimes, during the telecast, I’m wondering about the camera angle of the play or why sometimes during a close play we see too much of the crowd and not enough of the field or the actual play itself. Broadcasters will be polite about camera angles and tape of a close play but as a fan, do you wonder sometimes that the camera work from various angles will not help you make a viable decision about a close play?

The Shield

The Shield


Lack of originality during the broadcast. How often do you hear the play-by-play or color announcer say something original or quite insightful that makes you say, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that?’ Tell me something I don’t know and teach me something interesting about the game of football or at least, make the effort. Become more memorable for the original or interesting things you say during the telecast.


My wife is right, we’re being inundated with too much NFL football coverage on TV. Last year, when I caught a few games late in the season on Thursday night, I thought that was a great treat right before the weekend and thought having an entire season of Thursday night football was just what the football gods ordered. It’s week 10 or 11 in the NFL and I’ve changed my mind. It’s too much football and the product is being diluted. Perhaps when the games are closer to playoff time, the level of interest and anticipation will be much greater than it is now.

Buyer beware!


There’s too much advertising of future shows and products in between plays and during the telecast. Years ago, announcers provided more football analysis and discussion. In today’s broadcasting, there’s less breakdown and insight regarding certain plays or strategies and instead, networks often fill that time with product ads or future shows on their network.


When you attend an NFL game, you can watch the referees as they start the 40-second clock. Why not include that in all NFL broadcasts? Sometimes, during the coverage, they display  the 40-second clock with 5 or 10 seconds remaining but I’d like to see the clock from start to finish shown on the screen at all times. It would add an interesting “twist” to the telecast observing at what point the official would start this clock and how different teams handle those seconds while on offense.


When the NFL originally instituted the challenge option for the coaches, most networks did not go to commercials. Was it later in the year or the next year networks were more sophisticated to use the review time with commercials?

Now, during a coaches’ challenge, the review process takes a few minutes – most networks quickly go to commercials before all the analysis has been given about the play under review – when everything is said and done, you could have another 5 to 10 minutes of time added to the telecast with no additional on the field play.

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