Standarized Power Ports on Laptops?

Why not design and build laptops with power ports on both sides of the computer? One port for an electrical boost on the left and right for some computer laptops to give users flexibility when re-charging their batteries. For example, when you need a charge while working in your kitchen, the most convenient power outlet will dictate how to connect your laptop to the outlet and at times, the cord might get in the way or get tangled as you’re receiving power. If your outlet is on the left side or behind you to the left, use the left port and vice versa for the right side. It’s a simple thing but in my mind, this feature adds that level of convenience.

I love to running my laptop off the battery but eventually one gets a point where you need electricity. When this happens, I’m tied to a certain area for a certain period of time. sometimes, you have to jerry-rig to find electrical outlets in a cafe or even in your living or family room. Should it always be necessary that you have to physically move locations to accommodate the electrical outlets and power port on your PC? Could this different design help out?

My daughter came home from college yesterday with an issue on her laptop. After some troubleshooting, it appears the battery is bad on her HP. It’s probably 6 months or more past the warranty period so she’d have to purchase another battery for around $40 to address. She can’t really afford a new one so, for the time being, I recommend always using electricity as a work-around. If she had multiple electrical ports on both sides of her laptop, this feature would give her a little more flexibility when she’s using it in the library, study room or dormitory.

Again, not a revolutionary thing but a nice to have. Would you agree?


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