Spoiler Alert Message?

This was written a few months ago as the result of the 2012 London Olympics coverage on NBC

Spoiler Alert…Spoiler Alert. This applies to any sporting events that occur more than a few time zones away from American time zones. Of course, the latest situation addresses the 2012 London Olympics but women’s and men’s World Cup comes to mind too.

Spoiler Alert Message?

From ABC15.com

It doesn’t matter if it’s satellite radio, AM or FM radio, or television, could we standardize things and include a spoiler alert before announcing recap scores? Anytime the media is about to give sports’ scores, particularly if the event is at least a few hours beyond the Eastern or Pacific time zones, preface it by saying, “Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert…” If all media outlets use this, this could be a standardized message to viewers who are interested in that particular sporting event which may be viewed later in the day.

With the Olympics in China, Britain or the men’s World Cup in South Africa, often, many American viewers who work first shift are unable to see the game live.

With some events that are on tape delay, many media companies are going to give viewers and listeners the score. If you’re listening to the radio on your way home from work and the news comes on, especially for taped Olympic broadcasts, first say ‘Spoiler Alert’ before giving the scores. That way, those who want to watch it later in the evening will have a chance to turn the radio down or off. This could probably apply to TV as well. If the program is tape broadcast, and you’re watching another program, if at some point they go to a commercial and may provide the Olympic updates that have come through, mention something about ‘Spoiler Alert’ to protect those viewers who for whatever reason, will be watching it later that evening.

Do you agree that media companies should be more responsible?