Is Costco Always Getting it Done?


1. NO STANDARDIZED REUSABLE GROCERY CONTAINERS – Currently, if my items at checkout exceed 10 or so, I’ll ask for a box to help handle the groceries. These boxes come in all shapes and sizes so it’s difficult to gauge how useful they’ll be transporting the items from the cart to the car and then from the car to the refrigerator or pantry.

My suggestion is to develop a unique “Costco only” reusable container. Something easy to handle where you could load your refrigerated or freezer items into one container and pantry or shelf related items into another. Lightweight and stackable — something inexpensive with the Costco logo to help promote the brand and at the same time, being eco-friendly.

2. WHERE IS ALL THE HELP WHEN YOU’RE INSIDE THE STORE? – You see associates at the door, at customer service and at the checkout aisles but often, it’s hard to find them once you’re deeper inside the store. You get to the checkout and the associate will ask, “Did you find everything today?” Not sure how they’d react if I said no? Anyway, it would be nice to have associates ask me that same question when I’m deep in the store — far away from the checkout aisles.

Typical Costco Aisle

Typical Costco Aisle

3. INFREQUENT ABILITY TO CLEAN YOUR WINDSHIELD – Sometimes the windshield washer materials are available for club members and sometimes not. From what I’ve heard from associates, some corporate officers do not like the windshield washer materials at the gas pumps as it slows down the process. I’m not going to disagree but is it possible for a compromise? In other words, if there’s a queue for gas, then perhaps remove these materials or allow the Costco attendant to assist.

There must be a better way…

4. NOT ALWAYS RESPONSIVE WITH COMMENT CARDS – I’ve added comments over the years using their comment card section and have requested a management call or write me to discuss my comments or input. I have to say, their follow-up policy in several stores in the Chicago area is not always reliable – less customer centric than I would prefer.

I’ve been a card member for many years but that shouldn’t make a difference. Whether this is your first year as a Costco member or 10th, it would be encouraging to hear management response to cardmembers’ feedback.

5. IMPROVE YOUR HOURS – The earliest Costco opens is 9:30 am on Saturday and the rest of the week, they open at 10 am. Besides closing at 8:30 pm Monday thru Friday, they close at 6 pm on the weekend days. Not exactly convenient hours.

I don’t expect Costco to be open 24 hours, but they could have more convenient hours. It would be nice if they were open until 9 or 10 pm during the week to give members more flexibility. Moving the start time earlier would help too. If they were open from 8 until 10 pm, they’d still have 10 hours each day to clean the facility and restock the shelves.

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