I was not Enlightened by the Poor Exterior Light Install Instructions

Summary of Laurel Designs Light Fixtures

Laurel Designs claims the detail quality and transitional style make this fixture perfect for any entryway, deck or patio. I will concur with Laurel Designs, the product is as nice looking in person as the picture indicates on Costco.com. They met my visual expectation although they were a little expensive – about $90 per lamp (purchased four). In terms of durability, my expectation leaned toward a “heavy duty” lamp but that wasn’t my first impression of this exterior lamp. Time will tell if they are durable for our exterior use.

The other expectation was simple instructions. I spent about 5 hours on Saturday installing two of these lights and then another 3 hours on Sunday installing the remaining two before I learned of a new option of using the existing mount hardware and drilling two holes to contain the screws. By this point, I was comfortable enough to “tweak” the original two lamps so the entire installation took around 8 hours. With the price of each lamp, it should have taken no more than 1 hour per lamp – even for an average installer like myself.

Detailed Feedback on the Laurel Designs’ Instructions

  • Some of the figures on the instructions did not contain a high enough resolution, making it difficult to read and understand
  • Some of the figures were lightly printed so it’s hard to know how all the parts fit together
  • A better legend is needed where you add letters A, B, C to each of the parts involved so when you include the instructions, readers know how everything fits together
  • For each lamp, I had to bend the bottom of the lamp to enable the glass piece to fit
  • The instructions did not mention how one would change the light bulb when necessary (doesn’t appear straightforward)From Costco.com

Would I recommend this product to others? In other words, the Net Promoter Score. 

Laurel Designs outdoor porch light

From Costco.com

The most frustrating aspect of this process was the length it took to install these four exterior light fixtures. There was a lot of reading over the instructions to understand some key steps in the process to aid in understanding by a number of adults – the instructions, for the most part, did not “instruct well” so I had to go to Plan B. Considering the cost of each light fixture and the fact that I spent hours trying to understand how they needed to be properly mounted, my impression was not favorable. Would I recommend this lamp to others? Only if they were prepared to potentially spend extra time on the install or flexibility to go to Plan B.

Why did I buy these lamps?
These lamps were purchased online through Costco.com. I have been a regular customer of Costco for about 10 years. One of the main reasons I shop at Costco is they generally do a good job reviewing and testing products for their buying club members. In this instance, was the necessary “vetting” done for this particular product or perhaps the enclosed instructions were an “exception” rather than the rule?

What do I want as a customer?

  1. I want someone to explain to me how to easily replace the light bulb when that time comes
  2. I would like your company to vastly improve the instructions so other consumers don’t run into the same issue




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