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I’m interested in obtaining a Viccinos’ coupon for the Libertyville restaurant so I use my search buddy, Google, to link me up. There are a number of initial links that don’t seem to go anywhere. So far, a waste of time. After a few minutes, I find one coupon website but they currently have no offers available. So they are the 3rd result of looking for a coupon for Viccinos (Libertyville restaurant), but no offer is currently available. Not being familiar with their service OR their coupon model, I see no coupons are available, this frustrates me. This is not why I came to this site initially. Is this all about them? I’m assuming it is convenient for this website to not have coupons available for pizza even thought that’s what they advertise. Convenient for them perhaps but not convenient for me.
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At this point, I don’t have a “warm and fuzzy” feeling about their service. Mind you, I’m interested in the pull model – I do searching and grab things that are convenient for me. The push model is not something I gravitate toward. I cannot wait to order a pizza from Viccionos until I find a coupon so this exercise will be considered futile.
One more thing, said they expect another coupon from Viccinos’ Pizza Co Restaurant soon. How do they define soon? Later tonight? Tomorrow? This Saturday or Sunday? The least they can do and tell me when – they’ve already inconvenienced me and prompted me to write about it. Now they’re telling me another coupon will be available at some point but don’t give me the exact time-frame. Needless to say, this coupon model is not serving my needs and for those who want to get a discount on a Viccinos’ pizza. At this point, I’m not feeling it. No Empathica Service observed here.
This experience did remind me of a story an old grocer told me many years ago. He had a very small grocery store who was competing with another grocer down the street who advertised bread for 15 cents a loaf (but never any in stock) – when the old merchant’s regular price was 30 cents. The old merchant’s customers used to complain to him that the competing grocer never had any bread in stock at 15 cents a loaf for which he replied, “When I’m all out of bread, my bread is selling for 5 cents a loaf.”  In other words, it’s easy to advertise something at a great price to get someone in your store or to your site but if you don’t deliver, many customers are going to be disappointed.
If they want to make it up to me, they can send me a 50% off coupon for any size pizza at Viccinos. Until then, I’m cool toward their service.
I went back to this coupon site twice since finishing this article. On the second occasion, providing me an option to add my email address so they’ll email me when any of these coupons become available. A step in the right direction.

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