A Few Comments on NFL’s Opening Weekend…2012 NFL Football Comments (Part I)


ARE WE FOOLS AS VIEWERS? So often in NFL football, one team scores and they go to a commercial. Then they come back to see the kickoff to the opposing team. With the new kickoff rule, the majority of the kicks are deep in the end zone if not out of the end zone so essentially, 90% of all kickoffs result in a touchback – no action whatsoever. So you just were exposed to a few minutes of commercials, often see a kickoff that’s not returned, and then you’re exposed to a few more minutes of commercials. Who’s the marketing genius at the NFL that came up with that? The players are not upset, there may be one less play in which to get injured, announcers have a few less plays to announce and sponsors are happy as there’s more commercial time for the same 60 minute game. The only ones who are cheated are the fans. BTW, this occurred at least 3 times during the first half of the Packers-49ers game.
PEYTON AND AARON PITCHING PRODUCTS. It didn’t take sponsors long to bring back Peyton Manning commercials. From pitching DirecTV to Buick. Frankly, I didn’t see many Peyton commercials last NFL season when he was injured. Speaking of bringing back commercials for quarterbacks, I’ve seen two Aaron Rodgers commercials promoting State Farm – discount double-check. They had to dust off this commercial as it hasn’t been shown much over these last 9 months.

Fox Halftime Announcers

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ANNOUNCERS ON FOX. The Fox announcers made a good insight in today’s game. They said the Packer’s coach, Mike McCarthy, scouted these officials during one of the pre-season games and said they are aggressive and are not afraid of throwing the flag. As you watch the game, it certainly appears to be the case that these replacements officials are closely scrutinizing the game – appearing to be impartial to both teams. Mind you, the coaches have to adjust to that type of officiating crew.
DUH…They said the 49ers were trying to run as much time off the clock before giving it back to the Packers towards the end of the first half, duh. Don’t a lot of coaches do the same thing towards the end of the half? If you can, you want to play it safe and not give your opponents too much time left on the clock – especially if they have timeouts to spare.
WHY ARE THERE SO MANY HALFTIME COMMENTATORS ON FOX? In terms of time of possession, Jimmy Johnson during the Fox Halftime Report said that the 49ers were dominating the time of possession, 15:28 minutes to the Packers 14:32. Really Jimmy? For the first half, the 49ers had less than a one minute advantage – hardly a domination. Plus, the 49ers received the ball to start the game. With commentary like that, we may not need so many halftime commentators.
MIND YOUR  MANNERS WHILE ON TODAY’S NFL FIELD? In the Packer-49ers game, a defensive player for San Francisco took off his helmet after sacking Aaron Rodgers, the Packers quarterback. After closer review, it looked like the defensive player took his helmet off in the field of play to adjust it after it became loose while sacking Aaron Rodgers. That’s not how the referee viewed it — remember the saying, “perception is reality.” Next time, a player may ask the referee before removing their helmet to ensure they’ll avoid an infraction.
In today’s NFL, and with replacement officials, you have to be careful with certain violations (serious). This would include helmet to helmet hits, late hits on quarterbacks and removing your helmet in the field of play. And I’m sure there are others…Officials are schooled to closely monitor these types of infractions during the game so don’t even put yourself in that position as a player. In today’s NFL, often, they’ll throw the flag even if it’s close to a serious violation.
ONE TEAM ADJUSTED IN THE 49ER AND PACKER GAME…You have to give the San Francisco 49ers credit. First, they defeated a team Sunday who won 15 regular season games in 2011. Second, the team from the Bay Area defeated the Green and Gold at Lambeau field. The 49ers played well at all facets of the game, including the offense, defense, special teams and coaching. I thought it was intriguing how the 49ers were roughing up the Packer receivers throughout the game and it appeared to me, their strategy was to “push the envelope” as much as possible with the replacement officials to see what would be tolerated and not tolerated. I say that for two reasons, one, that appeared to be the game plan as the game went on with the Packers throwing on almost everyone down. It appeared that those defending the Packers were getting closer and closer to the receivers…their philosophy might have been, “Let’s see what they’ll call and not call as we employ different defensive alignments, Two, the 49ers are coached by Jim Harbaugh who is one of the toughest competitors you’ll ever see…he will try to gain any possible competitive advantage to give his team the best chance to win.
I thought San Francisco adjusted better to the officials letting them play — especially on defending the Packer receivers. On the other hand, the Packer receivers were frustrated with the lack of calls and not sure if they made many offensive adjustments to how the game was officiated?
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