Opportunities to Improve Customer Service?

LACK OF EMPATHICA SERVICE AT LIBERTYVILLE OPTICAL…I went to Libertyville Optical almost two weeks ago as I needed an updated vision prescription and wanted an extensive vision test and evaluation. This service included a series of tests including glaucoma screening, refraction, and a new procedure, the Optomap Retinal Exam.

Before many of these tests, I expected the staff to “wipe down” these machines and instruments with antiseptic or anti-bacterial wipes. Mind you, this was not done during my visit. With your eyes, eye lashes and skin around the eyes being so close these instruments, I strongly believe safe vision screening should occur. Am I just too particular?

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About one day after my first visit to Libertyville Optical, I developed an eye irritation in my right eye – an eye irritation I had never experienced before. This stayed with me for about four days. It was more annoying than serious but it affected me enough to shed some light on my experience. Frankly, I can’t say for sure this irritation was contracted while at LO, but let me outline my thinking.  

Well, the irritation in my eye occurred roughly 24 hours after my visit. Moreover, there were no other deviations to my schedule besides the eye exam. The only physical contact I could point to involved my skin around my eye or eye lashes in contact with some of the devices at LO. I’m not angry about it — just wondering if Libertyville Optical should be aware of this possible irritation.

Should I call them and explain what happened? Should I have taken a picture of my irritation and sent it to them? My only motivation behind reaching out is to inform them of my irritation to help them prevent them from occurring to others. Should I call them? If so, how should it be done? How would others handle this sticky situation?

LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE AT MARIO TRICOCI…The Mario Tricoci University hair salon in Libertyville took about a 9 day break for the first part of July. At the time, I was unaware of this break as there was no mention of this break on their website. When I called them in early July, I was prompted to leave a message which I did twice but no one returned my calls. In addition, there was no change in the VM message telling folks that they were on break during this time. I did find out later they had placed a notice on their door but because I don’t live near there, I relied on their website and telephone communication.

We all know it’s the 21st century. I know their salon provides discount prices and a good value overall because hairdresser students provide the services but that doesn’t mean the hair salon service has to remain in the 20th century. Would you agree?