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I took my family and a few of their friends to Sweet Tomatoes last night. We have a few picky eaters in the group but I knew Sweet Tomatoes could knock it out of the park for all our hungry eaters. Having a the coupon of $18.95 for two (including all you can eat and a dinner drink) hit the spot financially. Food was good and especially the healthy varieties of soup which I just adored.

As all visitors to Sweet Tomatoes know, you need to get a new bowl, small or large plate when getting more food or treats. Therefore, a lot of dishes are dirtied as customers satisfy their palate.

Sweet Tomatoes

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This means you need a few table clearers or busboys and/or busgirls. One middle-aged woman was responsible for our area who had smiled at us as we sat down. She had many tables to keep clean but she found the time to swing by a number of times to clear our area before we treated ourselves to a little more delicious food. She was hard working but I was most impressed with her attitude. It didn’t matter about her title or how busy the restaurant became, she seemed as cool as a cucumber.

As we finished, she came by to clear our table one more time. To oblige, I helped her stack bowls, plates, glasses, trays and silverware as she was fine with my assistance. Whatever it took to please a customer and all the while she displayed a pleasant smile. She could have had a sour look on her face about the fact that a middle-aged woman clearing tables at Sweet Tomatoes but she didn’t. Instead, she was friendly as she greeted customers and tried to make their meal as pleasant as possible. She was remarkable – meaning, she left her mark on me and I’d certainly remember her if I saw her again. Intrigued by her commitment towards good service,  I spent some time during my meal watching her work hard – she would certainly qualify her for Empathica Service in my eyes.

As I was about to leave, I felt she needed a financial reward even though the way Sweet Tomatoes is designed,  I’m not sure if service people at Sweet Tomatoes typically expect tips. Regardless, initially, I was going to leave it on the table but instead thought otherwise. I handed her a nice tip and thanked her for her service. Indeed, good service needs to be encouraged and recognized as much as possible. How should people who excel at service be recognized? How would you have recognized her service? 



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  1. I work for Sweet Tomatoes and would love to be able to pass this feedback on to the restaurant and specific dining room attendant who assisted you. Any chance you could email me the location?

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