Bumper Sticker Hypocracy

Do people have short attention spans or have they forgotten to clean the bumper of their new car?

It’s one thing to be an aggressive and careless driving without any bumper stickers or external messaging – in other words, that individual is merely exhibiting aggressive driving and where you know very little else about them. It’s another to see signs or symbols on a vehicle engaged in aggressive driving – are these examples of such hypocrisy?

Someone with a disability license plate weaving in and out of traffic in a hurry to get somewhere. In other situations, I’ve seen the disability vehicles following too closely and tailgating. When you’re able to let someone pass who’s been within 10 feet of your bumper and notice the disability symbol on their plate, it makes you wonder if you’re seeing things. Typically, disability plates and aggressive driving are not the norm. Thankfully.

This morning, seeing a minivan with a Student Driver sticker zoom by exceeding the speed limit by no less than 20 mph. I’m hopeful that a student who is learning how to drive was not driving that vehicle. That Student Driver sticker is a great idea to inform motorists if an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel but when abused, it may lose its effectiveness after awhile.

Three dump trucks on Highway 53 in Lake County, IL, barreling down the southbound lanes, the first dump truck moving in and out of lanes…in a real hurry which makes me very nervous. What also makes me nervous is noticing the sign on their gate saying, “Stay back 200 feet.” If you are driving along on the Tollway and this type of dump truck turns in front of you should you be responsible to brake to provide at least 200 feet of space? When they’re engaged in such driving, do they realize that message has not disappeared off their dump truck gate?

I saw the bumper sticker that said ‘God is Real’ as the driver was engaged in aggressive driving. Mind you, that wasn’t the first time I’ve seen that behavior with the same bumper sticker message. This applies to tree huggers too! If the stickers no longer apply, either get a new bumper, get rid of those stickers or replace with your own. Your brand takes a hit when you drive aggressively regardless of what political or religious messages are displayed.

Have you ever had a company van drive by so fast that you couldn’t get the telephone number to report aggressive or erratic driving? What’s that all about?

Just the other day, I saw a car zoom by trying to maneuver in and out of traffic. It was interesting that his license plate read FyrFighr and I assume he’s a full-time or part-time firefighter. Now, either he’s being terribly dedicated and going to an emergency or he’s displaying his impatience. Talk about hypocritical! A firefighter potentially causing other traffic issues. A cynic might say that’s good for business.

Have you ever seen a car with a bumper sticker that reads “Watch for Motorcycles” dance in and out of traffic in order to get ahead? Would they engage in that same behavior if there were motorcycles on the road? Or does this bumper sticker not apply on days this particular motorcycle driver is in a hurry?

Often, vanity license plates may display the driver’s importance. For example, “IWON” should tip other motorists on how they’ll drive. Typically this type of plate is associated with a Lexus Sedan or Mercedes. If they’re impatient and think they own the road, it’s safe to say they take what’s on their license plate very seriously.

WHAT I’M WAITING TO SEE… I’m waiting to see a helmetless motorcycle driver weaving in and out of rush hour traffic and not afraid to follow within 10 feet of a car at 70 MPH and his bumper sticker to read “Darwin Awards at Work.”

ADDENDUM…The other day, a car turned abruptly in front of me as I travelled down the highway. After I utilized my brakes to get into a safer zone, I noticed the bumper sticker: Ron Paul 2012 – Restore America Now. After noticing the FL plates (no judgement), I smiled and thought of this blog post. She may believe in Ron Paul but I’m still struggling with how that aggressive driving can connect with Ron Paul’s message.