What are the chances?

Does that make too much sense?

When I watched the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials, I’m seeing a number of things. First, I’m seeing fantastically fit men and women swimmers participating in a variety of different lengths in such events as the backstroke, freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke. The other thing I see if those ads that line the 50 meter pool in Omaha, conveniently placed for the camera as the swimmers race from right to left and then back again. Because of the pool size, this routine is repeated for every event or race that exceeds 100 meters.

Some of these ads/signs include Visa, SwimToday.org, Omega, Kellogg’s, RaiseOurFlag.org, AT&T and of course, NBC Sports. Thankfully, because of various camera angles, you don’t see those ads during the entire race although it’s tough not to see them for part of the race. By my rough estimation, during this qualifying coverage on the NBC Network, they leave swimming coverage for commercials every 5 to 10 minutes.

Would it not be ideal if they followed the Association Football model (for Americans, this would be considered soccer) and didn’t advertise for the 45 minutes or so during the first and second half?  You see, for Association Football, they advertise on the one side of the pitch (field) and these ads sometimes change from time to time. They also may include the company sponsoring a part of the game which is shown on the screen. Yes, during halftime and pre and post segments, they try to advertise much more but the flow of the event coverage is not terribly disrupted.

Back to swimming, they could continue to show ads along the pool and perhaps certain companies could sponsor 5 minute segments without disrupting the flow of the event. Instead of ads being shown every 5 to 10 minutes, they didn’t move to commercials and sponsors for 15 to 20 minutes. I’d be grateful for that and perhaps less likely to record the program and skip over the commercials.

Does that make too much sense from a consumer perspective? Am I too much of a dreamer? Would fewer commercials be considered more of Empathica Service?