Empathica Service Revisited…

I attended the Camera Club event at the University Center in Grayslake last Saturday. Professional and amateur photographs, about 200-300 participants were interested in learning more about cameras, image editing software, and networking among likeminded people.

Image from Lake County Camera Club

One seminar involved Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, editing image software by Adobe. It so happened there were some technical issues with this software class. Technical support at the UC was good but regardless, there were some issues with locating the correct images on a network drive – not all attendees had access to these files as the class commenced. This causes a slight delay in the seminar as well as a few users being behind as they tried to follow the instructor’s lead. I didn’t hear anyone complain – it was their first event ever held at the University Center.

Regardless, at the end of class, one of the organizers of the Camera Club event began to distribute $10 in raffle tickets – the raffle for photography related prizes was going to be held later in the afternoon. Needless to say, most of these attendees were pleasantly surprised. Even if there were a few students not happy with those issues, the fact that these tickets were distributed was a really nice touch. It seemed to show that this organization appreciated everyone’s patience trying to resolve those technical issues during their first event at the UC. Empathica Service observed here.

Early one morning, at around 6 am, I decided to stop for gas. As I was filling my tank, I decided to grab the windshield cleaner to clean at least the front and back windshields. Unfortunately, the cleaning container was empty, a disappointment to me, but oh well, it was early! As I was finishing up, the gas station attendant came running out asking me if I needed cleaner. I was glad to see him and he proceeded to fill the container with fresh soap and water. I quickly cleaned both windshields before I was on my way. Even if someone forgot to do this at the start of a new day, he quickly corrected an issue to delight a customer. Empathica Service observed here.

For the last few years, my financial advisor provides a few little treats every time I visit her office. This includes a branded pen and notepad, and some Swiss chocolate. She doesn’t have to do this. This is certainly independent of her service to me, which is customer focused as I feel as a financial advisor, she has my best interest in mind. No, it’s just an added benefit which helps make me feel special. And because most of my other professionals I visit are not remarkable, it perhaps makes it all the more special. Empathica Service observed here.