The Frugal Pet Owner

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For some veterinarians, especially in Lake County, IL, for dog grooming reasons, you need to verify that your dog has the proper vaccinations. Fair enough, I understand their reasoning. In terms of the cost, it may cost upwards of $125. The office visit may cost $35 and for the rabies vaccination, tag and distemper, this may be around $85. As a dog owner, if you’re not economically astute, your expense could easily exceed $100 even before they begin to groom your dog. Just know, even those these veterinarians may love animals doesn’t mean they’re interested in helping pet owners save money.

Thankfully, there’s an option, especially for Lake County pet owners. Residents can visit the Lake County Animal Care and Control website and find a convenient, low-cost pet vaccination clinic at one of the locations in Lake County. There are various locations and times of the clinics (spring and fall) so there’s a strong chance a time and location should work with those frugal pet owners opting for an alternative to visiting your vet. The cost is $25 (if your pet is neutered or spayed and $60 if they are not), you will receive a one-year rabies vaccination, tag and distemper. Mind you, you can’t make an appointment and get the vaccines completed in 5 minutes time, but it may be time well spent — especially if you don’t mind these minor inconveniences.

In addition, only cash will be accepted at the clinic and all dogs must be leashed and cats placed in carriers. In fact, you may have to stand in line for up to an hour or so, but with the potential savings of $100, would that be time worth spending in line?

People don’t always opt in for alternatives but they’re nice to have. N’est pas?







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