Does the mention of RX drug side effects ever overshadow the drug ad?

Do you ever watch a drug commercial on TV that may pique your interest until the second half of the ad where too much time is spent mentioning the drugs possible side effects? For a 30 second commercial, if the ad spends more than 5-10 seconds including the potential side effects of the marketed medicine or drug itself, then, I’m not interested.

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I understand for legal or compliance reasons why drug companies may be compelled to mention potential side effects but it shouldn’t be a significant portion of the ad or have a laundry list of possible negative reactions. For example, if Eli Lilly develops a cholesterol reducing drug with possible side effects of dizziness, diarrhea, heartburn, insomnia, headaches, loss of appetite, irritability (to name a few). May I suggest something? Run away, run away very fast from this product especially if you have the choice. It might do wonders for cholesterol but at what price?

What else would make me act like an Olympic sprinter and run away fast? If the drug being advertised too quickly goes through a long list of possible side effects, count me out too.

It doesn’t matter if it’s time consuming to run through the list or it’s a quick process, if the list is the same length regarding side effects but the approach is different, count me out.

I know some don’t have the choice but are forced to swallow the pill and hope the adverse effects are limited. That’s unfortunate but a true option for some consumers. But if you have the choice, take a serious look at what you’re up against prescription drugs or medicine that has so much baggage.

Do other consumers feel the same way?