Do most people have a negative view of the post office?

Is the post office conjure up a negative connotation and something to avoid?


I was thinking about this recently as a result of a radio ad sponsored by You see, over the last 6 months, especially on Sports Radio, I’ve heard this ad by which boasts about being able to do replace the post office right on your computer. In other words, why make trips to the post office when you can do the same thing in your office or at home on your Internet device.


Basically, is in the process of persuading busy working people to subscribe to their service. In other words, avoiding all the negative things about the post office. No more driving in traffic, waiting in line, or dealing with rude sales people at the post office.


Never have to go to the post office? Is this such a big deal, having to deal with the post office from time to time? I’ve visited many post offices over the last 15 years and rarely do I have to wait in line. If I do, it’s only for a few minutes. Perhaps it gives me a chance to play with my smart phone. Yes, there may be people coming and going but not super big crowds…And rarely are these offices such a big hassle. Mind you, my post office in Libertyville have helpful and friendly associates, many of whom I’ve recognized as regulars over the years. For many, this is their career and I just don’t think they do such a poor job, so why the alternative?


I trust there are others who feel, might be the way to go — especially if their local post office is really a hassle. Otherwise, in my situation, where my post office does a fine job, there’s really not much of a reason to change.


What about you, where would you fall in this discussion?