Making Things Right at Mario Tricoci

About a week ago, I got a haircut at the Mario Tricoci Beauty School in Libertyville. I’ll stop in once every 4 to 6 weeks. This salon is actually the Mario Tricoci Beauty School where students, on their way to certification, practice on clients. It’s a win-win, clients receive very inexpensive salon services and students get the much needed practice in a salon like setting.


The haircuts are inexpensive, $10 for a men’s cut, and even though it may take a little longer than a barber or stylist, I like their location and it fits my schedule. For the first time in years, my haircut was not up to par so I scheduled an appointment to receive a “touch up.” In fact, my wife, who typically doesn’t notice my hair being trimmed, mentioned that it wasn’t cut evenly and it looked like the hair stylist took a break and never returned. Maybe she tired of my thin hair?


About one week later, I stopped in to receive a “touch up.” I explained my situation that my latest haircut was not up to their normal standards. For my “touch up,” Alicia was my stylist and she carried an air of professionalism and service. As we chatted about the incident, she expressed her customer service focus and philosophy. That certainly got my attention like a hook and latter fire truck coming down the road with its siren blaring. I thought, “She speaks my service language.” Needless to say, I didn’t forget a generous tip – she not only did a good job fixing my hair but her customer centric approach was the key. I even bought a hair product from her – something I’ve never done in 3 years.


Mistakes happen so I was certainly not upset with the initial service but was hopeful that they’d patch things up this time. Alicia did much more than that through her positive attitude, professionalism and commitment to fine service. As I write, I vaguely remember the bad haircut – I just remember the service I received from Alicia to make things right so much so that I’ll not forget her name. She made herself remarkable by turning one negative haircut into a very positive event.


In another 4 weeks, I’ll not only request Alicia for her ability to cut hair and being customer centric but I’m interested in hearing more positive, customer service stories.