Dental Service Opportunity

For discussion sake, let’s say you’ve gone to the same dentist for the last 10 years. Let’s also say you know him well, you also know his dental hygienists and his office personnel quite well. Let’s also say you lost your dental coverage and temporarily stopped visiting your dentist, how will their office respond?


Should your dental provider follow up to ensure everything is Ok? Is it a good idea from a customer centric perspective?


Over the years, most regular dental clients and their families don’t typically quit their regular dentist without a major health issue, moving from the area, or involving a loss of benefits due to a job loss.


Would it be good practice for your dentist to reach out to determine why you’re no longer a client and ensure everything is Ok? Would that be considered overkill or being too personal? This follow up may require a few calls but that feedback could be useful to dental providers, especially if they’re building their practice.


Some clients hate to give up dental insurance but may opt to due to financial reasons − especially if it’s just for a few months or a year or two. If the clients no longer have dental coverage, perhaps your dentist can make some financial arrangement while you secure new dental coverage to ensure you still practice good dental hygiene while you’re in the process of securing new coverage.


Would it be considered customer centric to reach out by the dental office during this period? Or should the ball be in the customer’s court to initiate the conversation?