Could the Best Western be more Eco-Friendly?

At the Best Western hotel outside Nashville in Brentwood, I see a small sign on my night stand that says “Please leave this easel on the bed if you want your sheets changed.” Great idea, I’m all for an individual or business being environmentally conscious whenever they can.


For those who stay multiple nights, this hotel empowers guests to not request the linens to be changed each and every night. Regardless of my multiple night stay, I’d opt for using the same linens to be as eco-conscious as possible.


Going down for breakfast, I see styrofoam bowels and cups for breakfast? Not environmentally conscious, I wonder why not. Looking around the hotel, I don’t see any recycling containers for aluminum, styrofoam and plastic − it is counter intuitive?


On the breakfast front, why not apply that same environmental approach? Instead of styrofoam bowels for cereal and cups for coffee, why not provide eco-friendly glasses and cups? If this is not possible, should the hotel not provide recycling for the styrofoam containers?


Along those same lines, many visitors to the Brentwood Best Western are passing through and may have plastic bottles, newspapers and cans to recycle, why not provide that option too? Consider carrying that eco-friendly approach to all aspects of your hotel business. N’est pas?



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