Aw, the friendly, but expensive confines of Rooftop Baseball near Wrigley Field

So Google Alerts is advertising one rooftop ticket near Wrigley Field at 40% off. I like the idea it’s 40% off but let’s dig deeper to get the true price. Unfortunately, it’s not 40% off a $50 or $75 ticket, the regular price is $133.31. Does this include parking? Silly question as parking is a premium near and around Wrigley. Is tax extra or a handling fee?

Oh, the beauty of American capitalism! Some consumers who read this ad might think it’s a good deal — getting 40% off a ticket can be attractive but when the original ticket costs over $130, would 40% off wow you?

Wrigley Field

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The cynic in me says these original rooftop ticket prices are about 50% inflated, so in actuality, they are creating a buzz and moving tickets and perhaps saving $13 in the process. Genius, Cubs’ fans.

Let’s get happy – this one ticket does include all the food and drink one can consume. Mind you, you’re spending close to $100 for a rooftop seat (not even in the ballpark) so the offer needs to include some food. Who know the type or quality? Let’s say I’ve always wanted to site in a rooftop seat but I’m a vegan or vegetarian, do they accept special meal requests like the airlines or at wedding receptions? I’d gather part of this price is to subsidize alcohol — how would that work if I didn’t consume alcohol? Would it be another 10% off my ticket? Or maybe I’d receive a program so I could keep score?

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing, it appears to be an April game. Has anyone ever sat at or near Wrigley and watched a game in April? Especially at night? Would space heaters be extra? Trust me, there’s a 50/50 chance these fans will be more bundled up than a Chicago Bears game around Thanksgiving.

Where do I sign up?

On the offer sheet, the company is Bixen Ivy. Part of their name reminds me of something about Wrigley field. Often, the ballpark does not turn “green” with growing ivy until May. Oh well, at least you have hotdogs and beer to keep you occupied.