Political Signs In Front Of Your Restaurant

Should Companies Steer Away From Controversial Subjects?

Would your personal or political principles ever prevent you from patronizing a restaurant? If you discovered that, a restaurant you regularly patronize, has very strong political views contrary to your own, will you continue to patronize? Will it sway you in either direction?

There is a restaurant in the Libertyville area that I have visited from time to time. I have recently learned they have very strong opinions about politics – based on past political signs inside and outside their restaurant. Politics can certainly become contentious topic and it appears that some of their opinions are extreme and they are not shy about expressing them.

As Americans know each of us have the freedom to choose a product or service, which you want to support. The customer may also choose a restaurant based on a number of factors: this may include ambience, value and selection. Why would a restaurant take a chance with their reputation and brand? If the customer has strong opinions too which are diametrically opposed to the restaurant, what then? Would that be considered a business risk?

Will they win or lose over new customers with their strong opinions? What’s the net effect?

Maybe the restaurant is so popular, they will be successful in spite of their strong political views.

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