I Believe (Part III)


I believe in taxing items on the Internet the same way state governments tax items at a brick and mortar store.


I believe you often learn more by listening to your adversaries than people who agree with you.


I believe in slowing down sometimes on your way home from work even if it means missing 5 minutes of television.


I believe the busier you are, the more you accomplish.


I think sometimes exercise gets a bad rap — perhaps not call it exercise and encourage people to move their bodies in many different situations.


I think having or inheriting money doesn’t necessarily give you class or automatically enable you to act in a dignified matter.


I believe some people lose all social customs and graces when they hear that something is free — be it food, free little gifts or t-shirts.


I believe the tongue is among the smallest muscles in your body and the most difficult to control.


I believe in pushing yourself sometimes to “get out of your comfort zone.”


I believe that it often feels better to give than it feels to receive.


I believe, for office workers, to spend some time working with your hands can provide a refreshing perspective.


I believe if you only have 5 minutes to stretch, it’s preferable to stretch after exercise rather than before it.


I believe for every new law that’s adding to the books, politicians should seriously consider removing one.


I believe we should not let Iowa have so much influence in picking a president through their caucus system.


I believe we need higher death taxes.


I believe in increasing the gasoline tax by 50 cents per gallon to help fund electric cars,rail infrastructure and reduce our dependency on oil.


I believe we need U.S. Senate and Representative term limits.


I believe that spreading around positive karma may help you out in a pinch.


I believe using the Google search tool is often more useful in finding an error in Microsoft’s software than using Microsoft’s online help.


I believe in terms of writing, you sometimes are more creative and less critical or vice versa. Know what you’re best at and leverage it.


I believe Google or Facebook does not own our information and we have a right to keep it private.


I believe that standing up while talking on the phone helps you to better project yourself.


I believe it’s sometimes effective to read dissenting opinion to another perspective.


I believe it is critically important for companies that spend all that money for a super bowl add remember it’s not how cute your ad is (if they don’t remember the product) but somehow to make your product as memorable as the commercial.


I believe you can help “make someone’s day” by listening to their story or when they’re having a bad day.