Chill Sports Media, Chill!

Yesterday, I peruse Google News and I see the headline that Eli Manning would really help his chances of getting into the National Football League HOF (Hall of Fame) if he wins Super Bowl XLVI (46). A few days ago, I heard on ESPN radio that Eli’s coach, Tom Coughlin, of the New York Giants, could make it as well if he wins the “big game.”  Some of these sports analysts, broadcasters and writers have no qualms about predicting when coaches, players or owners have a strong chance of someday being enshrined in Football’s HOF if they win at least two super bowls.


I also see this same hyper-scrutiny apply to Major League Baseball (MLB). Early last summer, in May 2011, I’ve read/heard on ESPN and Fox Sports certain MLB (Major League Baseball Players) mentioned as possible MVP or Cy Young candidates. Mind you, we’re talking in May when the season is completed at the end of September – May is about 25% of the way through the baseball season. Have these journalists and announcers lost all perspective? Is this conversation encouraged by listeners and readers? Some of these networks even create discussion on “The Comeback Player of the Year” after 60 games in MLB – with a 162 game season, is that overkill?


Chill sport’s media, and especially ESPN! Before getting into an argument or discussion about a potential Cy Young or MVP candidate, can we just “relax” and let the games and competition play out? Is it possible to wait until most of the season (75%) has transpired before we discuss who will win the MVP, Player of the Year, Cy Young winner and Comeback Player of the Year? Regarding the HOF and potential induction, can we wait until after the big game? Or better yet, wait until their careers are complete before we banter about regarding one’s chances. Let history be made before speculating on future HOF candidates.


I know, I know, many analysts and readers will tell me if I don’t like it, turn off the TV or Radio. Or better yet, don’t read about such blabber on the Internet. Indeed, I get it; I need to make the move. When it becomes insufferable, my next move is to block such content and move on to National Public Radio.