Bigger Picture Purchasing – Review Of Duxler Tire, Libertyville, IL

Sometimes it makes sense to realize that some deals are not just dollars and cents…


A few years ago, I worked with a young computer programmer who was always looking for the best deal. He used to often play the eBay game scouring the Internet for good deals on IT equipment, home furniture and even car supplies. His approach was quite different, it was all about price at the time of purchase and service was considered less important and not a priority.


When it came to car tires or other big purchases, he’d spend hours to ensure he’s getting the best deal. Once he made the choice, he’d arrange the tires to be shipped to a local tire installer who would do the necessary installation and alignment to ensure they were ready for the road. I was somewhat surprised he’d find a local mechanic who did the service but business is business. If he got a flat, or found his tire was defective after several months, would he call the supplier or installer? I sensed his initial focus did not include that consideration as price was his primary goal throughout the process.


About 3 or 4 years ago, I bought 4 tires from Duxler tires in Libertyville, IL. I patronize Duxler Tire Libertyville because my former neighbor, whom I trust and works for Bridgestone, recommends Duxler. That recommendation includes good service and good quality tires at a very competitive price. Last week, my rear tire was flat on my Honda Odyssey so I brought it in for repair – apparently, it was due to corrosion on the rim, which is typical in cold, winter months. I went to pay and the technician said no charge. No charge for a repair? No, you purchased the tires here and these tires are still in good condition, so we fix your tires for free. A ‘WOW’ event!


I’ve always liked their service – they are easy to work with. So far, I’ve told this story to 5 people. When you include my blog post and others I’ll tell, what’s that positive PR worth? Advertising is sometimes necessary and can be effective but how can you beat upbeat word of mouth advertising?


Duxler Tire has been in business for many years. They take pride in serving the community in which they live. I also know they support different community groups. I’m there maybe once a year and see some of the same employees. This is not like a quick oil change shop with high turnover. These business and service technicians are there to stay. It’s nice knowing they stand behind their tires and service.


My friend purchased his tires from another community in another state. Does his far away supplier support the community? Does his far away supplier fix his tires without a charge? If one tire is defective, will it be easy or even possible to get the tire exchanged without an additional cost?


My modus operandi says if you find a service oriented store that sells well-built tires at a very competitive price, and is community oriented, it’s tough to go wrong. Sometimes, conscientious consumers look “at the big picture” and “overall value” and are not just motivated on getting the best price or best deal.