Overrated List – PART II



In my opinion, these items belong in the Overrated or OR category. That does not mean these items are bad or inferior. It just means, in my mind, there’s so much hype and marketing surrounding these products, services or experiences – often they don’t live up to the hype.


Promotion and marketing is good but when you purchase a product or service and you don’t say “Wow” or it doesn’t live up to expectations, is it OR? The value proposition comes into play. Was it worth your time, attention and money? Was it memorable?


Hollywood (The location. A sucker is born every minute)


Demel Chocolate (The chocolate tastes Ok but no ‘Wow’ factor)


Microsoft Software (Business is more important to them than design of software and hardware)


ESPN MNF (3 announcers in the booth is 1 too many and a little less hyperbole)


Ravinia Festival (Pricey, parking issues and typically crowded)


Venice, Italy (Expensive, dirty, crowded. Maybe not worth the visit for many?)


MLB Spring Training Baseball on the Radio (Is there a sense of desperation here?)


Miller Lite Beer (They have won beer awards for taste. Seriously? Virtually no taste and overpriced)


Mike Ditka (Great NFL player but average coach/commentator)


Hugh Hefner (Could he just go away forever?)


Dallas Cowboys (America’s Team? Please)


Subway Restaurants (Although they are attempting a renewal with some of their restaurants)


Most shopping malls (Where’s the buzz with these antiseptic shopping structures?)


Sunday Countdown on ESPN (More style than substance?)


Wisconsin Summers (Try to avoid stinging flies, mosquitoes and deer flies)


CBS, NBC & ABC Nightly News (What about a nightly news program with just positive, non-religious stories? )


European Crepes (3 or 4 Euros for batter containing flour, sugar and water?)


NFL Football TV coverage (Need better commentary. Keep to fundamentals with camera work and play by play announcing)


Oprah Magazine (It is a challenge to find valuable articles to read. Overboard with advertising?)


NFL Pre-game shows (Waste of time. Go online for insight and analysis without an abudance of commercials. Do you need 4 analysts for each of these shows?)




  1. Thanks for your comment. Perhaps I should clarify what I mean by overrated. I don’t think they’re bad — I just think they get too much publicity. In my opinion, they seemed to, over the years, to get the “benefit of a doubt.”

    Regarding Microsoft, they are not bad, but I don’t think they’re obsessed with design, ensuring customers have a very pleasant user experience. They get a lot of free publicity even though the experience is not always intuitive.

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