Extra service without extra costs?



Interesting marketing strategy at the Shell gas station in Libertyville.


At least through March 31 of  2012, a service station attendant at the Shell station will pump your gas and clean your windshield at no extra charge. According to the article, the station’s owner is also committed to providing among the lowest gas prices in town. Extra service without an extra charge?


For many younger Americans, the full service gas stations are a foreign concept – years ago, the attendant (typically a young man) would fill up your gas, wash your windows and offer to check your oil. When done well, the service was appreciated and often expected.


Today, there are only a few full service stations available and the majority of these stations add a surcharge for their gasoline to help supplement the full service cost.


The article suggests this is an innovative concept. I would agree, especially if you define innovation as a new idea or method — indeed this new service in Libertyville would quality. Who knows, consumers could get accustomed to this service, especially during cold winter months. The Libertyville Shell station is trying to be remarkable with this new service approach and they may well succeed.





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