Kohl’s Department Shopping – Review Of

We visited Kohl’s department store in Vernon Hills, IL, the evening after Black Friday — my wife wanted to grab a few Christmas decorations and I wanted to grab a few items in the men’s department.


My focus was on dress pants in the men’s department as my wife perused Christmas decorations. I found the men’s department to be neat and clean which helped me locate some good deals on business casual khaki pants. It was raining that night – inconvenient for some but a shopping bonus for those who try to avoid the crowds and quickly find what they want.


I did find a nice pair of dress pants and they were normally $55 but were advertised for $25 (50% off sale). I found it rather odd that pair of pants originally priced $55 being 50% off were priced at $25. The price was correct but the discount was greater than 50%. A good deal so, I got a second pair.


The only possible complain I had with the men’s department is the amount of inventory displayed. I’ve visited this store many times over the last 5 years and have never seen so many shirts, dress pants, suit jackets and accessories. The fact that we were shopped during a slow period was key – otherwise, it would have gotten very crowded with more than a few dozen shoppers in the men’s department.


My wife found some good Christmas decorations 40-50% off but they were still $20-40 and she just didn’t want to spend that much money on decorations she wasn’t completely in love with.


We paid for the items and because our total exceeded $50, we were given a $15 coupon to be used in the store during the next 5 days or so…I was pleasantly surprised although my wife was skeptical that we’d remember to redeem it. Two days later, on my way home from work, I found a casual pair of pants for $27, with the $15 coupon; the new pair of pants were only $13. Not a bad deal.


During the subsequent visit, I was pleasantly surprised to see the sales associate call up additional cashiers to the front of the store. I was only waiting a minute or two but that commitment towards customer service reinforces why I shop there.


The sales associate gave me a survey to complete about my experience – even though I wanted to complete the survey, writing this post took precedent over completing the survey.


One more thing, their slogan which I’ve heard for at least one year now says The More You Know, the More You Kohls. Their newest slogan has never been one of my favorites and all along I was thinking it would grow on me…I’m still waiting for that to happen.


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