Wir Emphelen or We Recommend…

Some decades ago, I spent a few years in Germany and Switzerland and even though I was on a very limited budget (or part of a austerity plan), every so often I had the opportunity to dine at a well respected sit-down restaurant. I don’t remember how or when I learned this, but it was suggested choosing an item or special that was recommended by the waiter or staff person.


Often, these restaurants would list the different entrée items, including the full meal and price. Over the course of my visits to Europe and her restaurants,  I’d regularly employ this approach and found it to be a good way to find a tasty, authentic meal at a competitive price.


In the States, restaurants have specials or items the restaurant or chef may recommend, although the specials (and prices) are not always in print.


If I’m relaxing at a restaurant here in America and I ask about the specials, my waiter may show off his memorization skills by reeling off the specials for that day – I have to admit it’s fun to hear. Regardless of the ‘wow’ factor, maybe include this information on the menu?


If this is my first time to this restaurant, there’s a strong chance I and my guests may have some unfamiliarity with the menu – could I use some visual assistance?


Seeing and studying the visual assistance also helps from a value proposition perspective. Often, if the waiter tells me the specials, price is an important component to help me determine if it’s a good deal. Is the Chilean Sea Bass tonight $19.99 or $29.99? Are the Akauchi Flank Steak Fajitas you have on special $16.95 or $27.95? In this situation, information is power.


Is anyone else prefer to see the specials (with the prices) on the menu or as a separate attachment?