Southwind Orchards – Review Of

About one month ago, I was planning a trip to drive along the Mississippi River north of La Crosse, WI. One of my objectives was to either pick or purchase apples at an apple orchard near La Crosse. From my brief research, the area around La Crescent (Minnesota) was considered the apple area of the Minnesota so we decided to pay them a visit.


Before the trip, I decided to Google ‘Apple Orchards in La Crosse’, and fortunately, there were several results in which to choose. Actually, Southwind Orchards was among the top two results and the most convenient and because our time was limited, that was going to be our choice. In fact, to validate that Southwind Orchards still existed, I stopped by the Visitor Information building to confirm.


It was a nice visit to Southwinds but a little low-key – especially considering the warm weather, unforgettable scenery, and hundreds of apple trees lining the bluff. The area was beautiful with rolling hills and windy roads. It was on the south side of County Road 12 in Dakota, MN, not more than 8, or 10 miles from La Crosse.


Frankly, I expected a much larger operation and more of the ‘Wow’ factor. In my mind, it was one of the first results listed in Google and Southwind did advertise in the local magazines and were well known at the Information area but something was missing – signs to Southwind Orchards notwithstanding. Maybe it was too small of a store or maybe they lacked the apple variety although they had more than several varieties to choose from. Maybe they were comfortable with their current size and didn’t want the hassle of a large operation. Very unassuming which isn’t necessarily a bad thing although that perspective doesn’t seem to align with how much marketing is involved to help promote this area business. Interesting dichotomy.


Southwind Orchards
45440 County Road 12
Dakota, MN, 55925-4088
Tel: (507) 643-6255