2011 NFL Football Comments (Part I)


ON MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (MNF) a few weeks ago, ESPN Analyst John Gruden says you should be able to throw a challenge flag on pass interference. I’m not sure if I agree but I like his line of thinking.


My angle is slightly different, if you have a player who throws a punch and is ejected, the replay booth should be able to review to see if both players should be ejected. Maybe allow each coach one challenge per game for a personal foul call (including a late hit) to enable the refs to sort out what really happened.


The networks might go for it too as they’ll be another excuse for commercials on Geico, Corona, Subway, Allstate, Miller Lite, State Farm and Volkswagen.


DURING MNF, my buddy Mike Tirico says the play clock is reset after a long pass, sometimes; the offensive team has to call a timeout because it takes a while for their offense to regroup and reset. That makes perfect sense and is quite insight but really Mike, would it hurt to mention what the clock is reset to? Because every NFL telecast does not show the play clock from start to finish, most fans would not automatically know without hearing it during a broadcast or doing some individual research.


Would it hurt to mention this from time to time? Would your telecast be improved in any way?


ONE MORE COMMENT ABOUT MIKE TIRICO, after a punt, he often will mention the punt returner is tackled and they go off to a commercial. Would it be possible to include the distance, net, hang time and which player on the punting team made the tackle? Great visual with complete commentary typically will improve the telecast.


JOHN GRUDEN SPEAKING BEFORE HE THINKS ON HALLOWEEN in a game between the Chargers and  Chiefs, Gruden said the Challenge Rule ruins the flow of the game. Interesting John. Next are you going to say that commercial timeouts after a punt, kickoff, injuries, quarters, and turnovers ruin the flow of the game too? The Challenge Rule is just one more way television networks can pack more ads into one NFL game.  It there weren’t so many commercials during an NFL game, especially on ESPN, perhaps the networks going to a commercial after a challenge would appear to be a lot less intrusive.


Perhaps it’s not the Challenge Rule that ruins the flow of the game but the other 20 excuses TV networks use to fly off to commercials.  


BTW John, next time you’re in a meeting with upper management in Bristol, CT (ESPN Headquarters), I’d like to hear their response when you mention the Challenge Rule ruins the flow of the game. Good luck Coach!


JOHN GRUDEN, THINKING IS A SKILL…On Halloween, he said the Challenge Rules ruins the flow of the game. A few weeks before, Gruden said that  you should be able to throw a Challenge Flag on pass interference. Which is it John, does it ruin the flow of the game or should you only be able to throw the challenge flag on pass interference?


SHOULD I BE AMUSED BY THE CONTINUAL SUBWAY ADS during NFL games advertising that the foot long sub is $5 during the month of October? During one of the commercials, they show a picture of what looks like a Bavarian woman dressed in Bavarian garb. You know, the $5 Subway foot long special occurs in October so maybe part of the Oktoberfest theme includes Germany, or more specifically, Bayern  (Southern Germany).


This got me thinking about Subway and submarine type sandwiches. I’ve spent a number of years in Europe and Germany and trust me when I say there are very few Subway restaurants in Bavaria. Why you ask? If you go to any deli, kiosk or open market in France, Germany or Austria, there are vendors selling various types of sandwiches on a variety of breads. In fact, too many types of bread that I can name – using a wide variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables and from my vantage point, the Germans have a higher culinary standard than many Americans – especially those Americans who regularly eat at Subway and other fast food restaurants.


To improve their brand in Germany, Subway would have to do an extraordinary job to compete with such culinary competition. Trust me, at this point; it doesn’t appear they are up to the challenge.



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