Nice Customer Service Touches – Two Brief Examples…

Give your number in case you get disconnected…You’re talking to a customer service representative (CSR) about an issue and they determine you need to speak to different representative in another department and they say, “I’ll transfer you now, and here’s my number in case you get disconnected.” Nice touch. For the most part, the transfer will be successful and you’ll not need that direct number to the initial CSR. If something happens with the transfer, you have the option to call back the original CSR. Something about receiving that number is comforting and conveys competence. And there’s nothing wrong with the perception that your issue will be addressed promptly and competently.


Managing Silencing…As a CSR, you are looking up some information or researching the client’s file –  how do you handle the interaction especially if there’s some silence or dead air? As a customer service representative, you need to anticipate this and let your client know it may take a minute or so before you have an answer or are in a better position to understand their issue. Set the time expectation and be sure to meet or exceed it. How many times have you called customer service where the CSR did not adequately manage silence? How do you feel or react when there’s that “dead or awkward silence”? Many customers may not mind a little silence if they know you are researching and working on their issue or inquiry.  


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