Residence Inn (Eagan, MN) – Review Of

Often, I just go about my business during my day or week and don’t have any preconceived notions about evaluating or critiquing my restaurant experience, hotel experience or other service experience. It’s only after I receive remarkable experience, which could be good or bad that I feel compelled to document my experience. That phenomenon applies to this situation.  


Just to level set, the Residence Inn in Eagan, Minnesota is a series of small-detached building with single rooms and suites with accessibility from the outside. Each detached building has outside walkways to the hotel lobby with meeting rooms and dining facilities. As I walked into the hotel lobby a number of times, every time the front desk associate would say, “Hello” or ask if needed any assistance. Very customer focused. As I was packing my car on early Sunday morning at 8 am, two hotel cleaners were outside and said, “How are you?” in a very friendly manner. Minnesota manners?


My niece had her baby shower upstairs from the main lobby and for any request, Residence Inn staff were around to oblige.


Getting ready for the shower, if I needed ice to chill some salad, no problem. Garbage bags for the baby shower wrapping, I’d hear, “take several to take care of your needs.” Before the baby shower begins, I hear, “do you have garbage to clear away, I’ll take that from you.” I was delightfully impressed by their friendliness and hospitality. Not sure how much of that pertained to the effect that we were in the Land of the 10,000 Lakes and how much of that was simply that the Eagan Residence Inn really took customer service seriously.


Any time I walked by any hotel personnel throughout the facility, they actually acknowledged me. This was a little unnerving at first as I live and work in Chicago and corporate America unfortunately doesn’t have this same warm feeling. It didn’t take me long to realize the staff at Residence Inn were merely being friendly and service oriented.


The price was fair at $89 per night for a suite with two queen beds. Clean and comfortable, we had plenty of room for a family of 3. I wish the bathroom was a little bigger — it was a little tricky using the toilet when the shower was so close by. Only other room recommendation would be to include some hooks around the bathroom area for a temporary holding depot for one’s clothes.


After we were finished at breakfast, they had kitchen employees who would efficiently pick-up your dishes as you sat at your table. Good timing.


We had no issues getting breakfast at 8:30 am, although I did see a long breakfast line about  one hour later. They didn’t appear to run of the key food such as “bananas” or “yogurt” which was a good sign as I’ve seen some budget hotels run out after serving about 30 customers.


For those wondering about their location, Eagan is one suburb due east of Bloomington in the southeast part of the metro area. About 10 miles from the Twin Cities International Airport and Mall of America.


It appears that manners matter in Minnesota. Have you had a similar experience at a Residence Inn around Minnesota or elsewhere?




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