DePaul Alumni Association – Not too Customer Focused?

Not too customer focused?

A few Sunday’s ago, the DePaul University Alumni Club called our landline looking for my wife. The caller initially said her name and whom she represented so fast and in such an automatic manner that it was difficult to understand.


To that end, I asked her to repeat her introduction to help gain some perspective. Besides the issue of the communication disconnect, it was a private caller on display so I wanted to determine who would call my landline with a ‘Private Caller’ displayed.


Needless to say, she wasn’t particularly warm during the brief interaction and it made me think. Is this just a job to her? Is she merely going down the Alumni list as quickly as possible trying to get someone to contribute? Are there incentives with how much money she can raise or with whom the number of prospects she speaks? If she relies primarily on incentives, I wish her much luck because she may need it.


Reflecting a bit, I wondered if I was the only callee who inquires further to gain additional information. It’s a Sunday Afternoon, I’m completely relaxed and enjoying a little football and a private caller from DePaul, who appears to be in a hurry, is looking for money.


Regardless, I was not wowed with the service in the very least. This approach does not appear to help the DePaul brand or reputation of the DePaul Alumni association. Far from being customer centric in my mind. Would you have the same response?

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