If the NFL Rules, then why not NFL Rules?

It’s September 21, 2011 and we are in the midst of another NFL football season and a thought occurred to me last week. Why not create a “Rules Show” for interested NFL fans who want to be educated or better informed on the latest NFL rule changes from last year to the present. In addition, the show could cover all recent rules which have been implemented and not just new rules for the 2011-12 season.  I guess the show could be created by the NFL or the NFL Network as a service to their fans. In other words, this “Rules Show” could be broadcast on ESPN, NFL Network, CBS, NBC or FOX.


There are some fans who care little about rules or such a show although I suspect there may be an audience of those football fans who want a little more analysis and in depth understanding of the America’s game.  It doesn’t have to be a long “rules show” although it would be helpful to be at least 60 minutes in length, including diagrams or visual examples to help comprehend all rule changes. Without such a show, fans learn about new NFL rule changes while watching TV throughout the season and can’t help say to yourself, “I didn’t know that was a rule” as announcers talk about a new rule that has just been applied. 


Maybe another show in a similar vein could be how referees prepare for the games. When do they travel? How many meetings do they have as a referee before and during the NFL season? How much time is consumed each week as an NFL referee during the season and even into the playoffs. Or questions may be: What’s their preparation like, with games on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday? Would they like to referee more than one game per week and become a full-time referee?


If you are a NFL sport’s fan and you are reading this, would you be interested in such a show?

Why or why not?