Isn’t It Funny Sports Style – Part II

ISN’T IT FUNNY how sports coverage has changed over the years. Wonders never cease. A few days ago, on around May, I heard announcers on ESPN talk about early CY Young potential winners. Can you believe it? Do you have to talk about potential MVP or comeback player of the year throughout the season? Does that not get old? Can’t you simply say player A or B is having a great season so far? Can’t you just say Player A or B is playing above their average statistics?

Could we please wait until September during MLB before we talk about manager of the year or MVP? Please! This principle could apply to Manager of the Year and Comeback Player of the Year too.

ISN’T IT FUNNY to hear the news that the Big Ten football game championships will be held in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium! This will apply to seasons 2011-15. This announcement was made in early June of ’11, even knowing that 90% (if not all) Big Ten conference football games are played outside. If it’s all about the centrally located venue and hospitable venue in Indianapolis, then why not offer to ensure the roof is open during the game? What are the chances that will happen? Why not keep it as close to the regular season venue as possible?

In a slightly different vain, I know Lucas Oil Stadium is conveniently located — centrally located in Big Ten country but why Indianapolis? Why not Cleveland or Detroit? Or rotate the championship among Big Ten cities? One year in Columbus, then Ann Arbor, Madison, Iowa City, etc. I’m wondering why Chicago’s Soldier Field was not accepted — does this have more to do with the size of the venue or the poor turf? Or additional cost and traffic in Chicago compared to Indianapolis?

ISN’T IT FUNNY…In the NBA, how common do you find where a player commits a foul and the referee will only blow his/her whistle if the opposing player has a significant reaction? If a foul, call a foul — don’t make it dependant on how well the fouled player acts or shows their flair for the dramatic!

ISN’T IT FUNNY how I heard the NHL announcers specifically say each NHL team gets one time out for each game and the time out lasts only 30 seconds. This indeed was done during the last game of the 2010-11 season. I’m wondering if the NBA hierarchy feels any pain or are ashamed to hear that. Announcers will not tell you how many time outs each team has nor will they tell you the actual length of each time out. What a difference between these two professional sports organizations.