Balancing Sales versus collecting valuable data from customers

Quiznos, can’t I just print my coupons without any obstacles?

You see a Quizno’s ad on a website for some good sub deals so your interest is piqued. As many consumers know, Quiznos makes a decent sandwich. It’s an easy choice – you click on the coupon link thinking you’ll swing by a Quiznos restaurant in the near future. But first, you need to enroll in their club.  Misleading ad?

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The ad said get free coupons but there’s a step or two required before receiving the coupons. The ad did not say get free coupons after you complete the registration process. I’m a little annoyed at their approach. It may be an easy registration process but I’m not buying. KEEP IT! What information will I have to forgo in order to get some free coupons? How many shoppers will register and how many will become annoyed like me and not continue? It’s not as though they’re giving away $20 bills…

I know collecting email and home addresses are valuable data for restaurant companies, retailers and third-party marketing vendors but at what cost? How many people want these coupons without the hassle? Are they willing to sacrifice some business of those who bypass the ad after seeing you have to register? Mind you, without the coupon, a casual consumer will not be visiting anytime soon.

What’s the acceptable percentage of those who refuse to register? 10%? 15% or more?

If you’re the marketing director at Quiznos in charge of this ad campaign, what criteria will you use to determine if it was a success?


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