Panera, you value my opinion but you don’t value my opinion?

Today, I received an email (4:02 pm, September 2) from Panera asking me if I’d take a short survey about why I visit Panera Bread (From your friends at MyPanera). The email went on to say your opinion is important to us and would appreciate if I took a short 5 minute survey. I have received a few Panera survey requests in the past — sometimes participating — I suspect the survey had to do with belonging to the MyPanera Program.

Panera Image from

Look, I’m a fan of Panera and love to provide honest and objective feedback so I decided to spend 5 minutes with this survey. Unfortunately, the survey I was trying to reach (see below) has been closed.

Look, regardless of the retailer or restaurant, if a retailer asks you to complete a survey, the retailer needs to verify the survey process is operational and not closed. Someone’s opinion of a restaurant can change on a dime after a negative experience — occurring  in person or online. Certainly not customer focused. It’s not as though I clicked on the survey link 3 weeks after receiving the email. In fact, I attempted to complete the survey less than 5 hours from receiving it.

Did others have the same issue with this survey?

Page that appeared after clicking on the Survey Link…

We’re sorry; the MyPaneraTM survey you’re trying to reach has been closed.
Thanks for your interest in taking this MyPanera survey and we’ll reach out to you in the future to get your thoughts. In the meantime come visit us at
-your friends at MyPanera  
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