Does the Client or Customer ever have any Responsibilities?

This is not something I’d recommend. If possible, you should not call customer service and then put them on hold. Even if it’s only for a minute or two. It’s just not a good way to engage in a business interaction. Who knows, there may be other callers in the queue wanting to speak to a customer service associate and they are occupied while they wait for you to come back on the phone. It can also be stressful for the associate, if other associates are taking calls and there are other calls in the queue, this often wears on the customer service professionals.

Having said that, it’s also imperative for the customer service associate to only put you on hold if it’s necessary. When they do, they should ask you if it’s OK and keep you in the loop in terms of the length and purpose of being put on hold. It should be an exception rather than the rule. It’s especially frustrating for consumers to call support, wait 10 or 20 minutes to have the call answered and shortly thereafter, being placed on hold.

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A friend of mind will compliment good help in a store or restaurant whenever he can. He’s a customer service specialist who tries to reward or compliment good service whenever possible. He says it’s so easy to complain and whine about a product or service − why not go out of your way when things go well?

He sometimes will seek out a manager and tell them directly about his positive experience with a store employee and often store managers are pleasantly surprised to hear such news. Yes, it takes extra time and effort but he feels it’s necessary. He does this regardless of what other consumers do − he simply believes so much in good customer service and positive reinforcement that he’ll take the extra step most of the time.

I suspect you’d have a hard time convincing most consumers that this is a responsibility of the customer although it’s certainly positive and can only reap benefits and at the very least, can make you feel better.